3/30 letters

A great group

Recently our 6-year-old attended a softball camp that was hosted by the HERicanes.

I appreciate the players and the parents involved who spent so much one-on-one time with each participant.

This was a great group of young ladies and very supportive parents.

Thanks for the skills you are helping develop and the fun you promoted for the girls.

We look forward to attending next year.

Jessica Rodriguez



Take studs off

Even though the state legalized studded tires in 1967, the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) discourages motorists from using them for several reasons, primarily safety and wear on the roads.

Studded tires aren't as safe as non-studded tires in rainy conditions.

In Oregon, most drivers face wet conditions far more often than packed snow or ice, and studded tires create ruts in the surface of the roads, which cause even more hazards.

ODOT indicates that repairing all road ruts deeper than a quarter-inch would require a one-time investment of $48 million.

Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) estimates that conditions where studded tires would offer an advantage on state highways, occur less than one percent of the time.

WSDOT indicates that 100 percent of rutting damage on concrete highways is related to stud use and 60 percent of rutting damage on asphalt highways is related to stud use.

Studded tires have a place and time for being used, but there has been less than five days in the Dallas and Salem area this past winter where studded tires would have been a necessity.

Oregon State Rep. Terry Beyer of Springfield explains that cities, counties, and state agencies presently spend about $11 million a year to fix damage caused by studded tires.

I encourage those of you that are still using studs to remove them as soon as possible to help prevent further damage to our streets and highways.

As a reminder, all studded tires must be removed by March 31 in Washington, April 1 in Oregon, and April 30 in California.

If you are caught driving with studded tires in Oregon after April 1, it is a Class C Violation of $180.

Ken Woods



In response

This letter is in response to the "Good Kids" letter in the March 23 issue of the Itemizer Observer.

I would like to acknowledge that letter.

It was awesome to finally read something positive regarding "kids".

You know how uncommon it is to read anything with the two words good and kids in the same material, let alone positive reinforcement.

People have got to be sick of reading about all the negativity going on.

It was nice to read about something, anything positive. For her son and his friend to pick up a wallet with money in it and turn it in, is pretty rare.

If a 13-year-old boy has the maturity to turn in a wallet that just shows that everyone else should do the same.

So, my point is basically this -- despite how the economy is going and with all the negativity there are still good things to be recognized.

If there is an increase with the positive letters or articles written, there will be more positive outcome through teens/kids.

When all we read everyday is so depressing, the reaction will affect the readers.

Yeah, life is full of kinks, but why focus on them.

Maggie Knaggs



Heartfelt thanks

To the Many Friends of Joan Howard:

On behalf of our entire family, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love, kindness, and prayers at the sudden loss of our beloved wife, mother, and grandmother.

In the face of such an unexpected and tragic loss, we are strengthened and encouraged by the outpouring of community support.

Mom loved this community!

She enjoyed her civic involvement and was proud of the quality of life the Monmouth-Independence community offered.

We can't even begin to thank the many hundreds of people who have rallied to support our family!

We are so appreciative of the food provided for her funeral and the meals provided for our families.

Your compassion is overwhelming!

Pastor Larry Kribs, Faith Lutheran members, and Mom's sisters of Upsilon Master Beta Sigma Phi merit our heartfelt thanks.

A special thank you, too, goes to Central High School.

Shane Hedrick -- thank you for working closely with Farnstrom's Mortuary and allowing us to use the gym to honor Mom's life.

Jeff Witt and the Central Choir -- thank you for your uplifting music; your songs will forever provide us great comfort.

And Ben Farnstrom -- you are an amazing young man! Our family is honored to consider you and your family, friends.

Thank you to those who have contributed to her memorial fund at U.S. Bank.

Youth sports was but one of her many passions. We look forward to providing a sustaining memorial to her in support of Central High School student athletes.

Our family is working with CHS administration to identify the best way to both honor her memory and support CHS student athletes.

We will keep you updated in the coming weeks and months as we work toward this goal.

Again, thank you and bless you!

Tommy Howard

The families of Nancy Howard, Brent Howard, Allison Omlid, JoAnna Brandt, and Don Howard-Platt.


Jobs for Vets

Three Purple Heart recipients from Iraqi Freedom, Oregon National Guard 2-162, has started a Web site in an effort to assist the returning guardsmen in a smoother transition to civilian life.

Among the items on the net page are links to housing, education, counseling, medical, and job opportunities.

One of the most important sections is the "Jobsites" (listed as Jobs for Vets.)

This section is very similar to commercial employment sites on the Web but is a free service to our vets and those prospective employers that may have jobs to offer our vets.

At this site, the vet may add his resume, contact and other information that will be valuable to employers.

He may also peruse any listed job opportunities that employers have listed and apply for that position on-line as well as the conventional ways.

He may update his or her personal information at any time.

The prospective employers may list any positions that they may have available, display any qualifications that may be required, peruse and download the jobseekers resume and qualifications, and contact the prospective employee on line.

Both employer and employee will have to register to use the service and this may be accomplished on-line.

Prospective employers are encouraged to use this service to give our vets a good chance of meaningful employment.

People having housing to rent to our vets may also list their houses or apartments on the site. Just fill out the form under "Housing" and it will be posted on the site.

Blasted-Brothers.org will also list any special offers the public may have for our returning heros. Just send your offer via the "Contact Us" form.

To access the Web site, log on-line and go to www.blasted-brothers.org.

The general public is welcome to visit our site and sign our guestbook and say "hello" and thank our returning vets.

Any further info may be obtained from ken@blasted-brothers.org.

Kenneth Laesser

U.S. Coast Guard, retired



Wondering why

In regard to Mr. Davies' letter, he stated in his guest opinion that his four acre non-buildable farm land is worth $20,000, if he could find someone "dumb enough to buy it".

If he can't build on the property, then why did he buy it?

It sounds like he is trying to subdivide a much larger piece of land.

If that's the case, maybe he should sell his entire property and move to town where it is already populated.

Alan Graham



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