5/4 Letters

For Hamilton

I'm writing this letter in support of Traci Hamilton for the Central School District 13J board.

I have known Traci for many years. She's a very dedicated person. She has been on the School Board now for eight years and has been an excellent asset.

She has also served on the budget committee for eight years. She has served on the site council and has been involved in the last three Superintendent searches.

I know that she is always helping with registration at Talmadge Middle School and Central High School and assists the schools with other activities. She has been an active board member with the Central Panther Club, and she and her husband are currently the acting vice presidents.

Traci is the only School Board member at the present time that has children in our school district. I feel that this is an important aspect to consider.

Please mark your vote for Traci Hamilton for Central School District board!

Diane Risen



No to annexation

On the May 17 Special Election Ballot, Monmouth voters are being asked to approve the annexation of 9l.35 acres of land into the city.

The property adjacent to the Ash Creek School is currently zoned for industrial use, but could be rezoned to accommodate almost 600 new houses. This number is not an exaggeration -- Monmouth is already one of the fastest-growing cities in the region.

This proposal deserves a "no" vote unless and until the City of Monmouth, the property owners and potential developers provide citizens with more detailed information about the future use of this large annexation of land into the City of Monmouth.

Jack Sloan



Support Myer

I am writing in support of Lu Ann Meyer for Dallas School Board.

I know Lu Ann to be a person of great integrity and honesty. She has been a driving force in fund-raising to support our schools, as a leader of the Booster Club, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and numerous volunteer positions.

Lu Ann has been extremely active in our community. Her expertise as an accountant will be a great addition to our school board as its wrestles continuously with funding.

She is an enthusiastic and energetic worker, devoting many hours to making our schools and community better.

Lu Ann's leadership abilities have been well documented, and her commitment to our youth is evident in many areas.

She is tireless in her efforts in fund raising, as evidenced by the continuing use of Safeway cards.

Lu Ann Meyer will be an outstanding addition to our Dallas School Board.

Helen R. McCleery



Three stars

Dallas School Board has three of the five positions open this election cycle.

Incumbent Susan Humphrey is unopposed and should be returned for another term. Her experience and dedication will be vital.

Position 3 has an outstanding candidate, Lu Ann Meyer. Her accounting background and business ownership experience will be invaluable in the tough years ahead.

Position No. 4 also has an outstanding candidate in Michael Blanchard. Michael earned an associates degree in management from Olympic College and a bachelor's degree in accounting from Linfield College.

He has served on the district budget committee for four years, gaining a thorough understanding of the district operations and staff. He also serves on the board of Enterprise for Employment and Education.

The voters, taxpayers and students of the Dallas School District deserve a board that works for the best interests of the students, understands the challenges confronting education and Dallas in particular, and can work together.

Vote for Susan Humphrey, Lu Ann Meyer and Michael Blanchard.

C. Ralph Blanchard



I will listen

I'm running for position No. 4 on the Dallas School District Board of Directors.

It would be an honor to serve with current board members Bob Ottaway, Susan Humphrey and Kevin Crawford.

For the past four years, I have had the privilege of serving on the school budget committee. I have gained a great deal of knowledge about district finances and operations, and have worked with many issues with district staff at all levels.

As a board member, I will continue to ask questions and listen carefully to all those affected by our decisions.

Position No. 3 has three candidates for this election, but I strongly support Lu Ann Meyer. Her tireless efforts in support of the community and schools are well known.

Be sure to get your ballot in by May 17, and please take the time to visit a school board or budget committee meeting to find out what is happening in our schools.

Michael Blanchard



Support Hamilton

Jeff Hamilton is currently a captain for the Gresham Fire Department and a graduate of the Chemeketa Fire Science program in Salem.

He lives in Independence with his wife and three children. In addition, Jeff is the chief financial officer for the Oregon State Firefighters Council and is responsible for their budgets.

Jeff graciously volunteers his time at the State Capitol, educating legislators on issues affecting fire and EMS agencies. He also volunteers time to the Central Panthers Club and Central Youth Sports.

Jeff's extensive background of working with Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), volunteer boards and city officials will prove a great asset to Polk County Fire District No. 1 and the the citizens of Polk County.

Please vote for Jeff Hamilton for Position No. 1.

Mike Rusher

President, Polk County Professional

Firefighters Local 4196



For Hamilton

Please join me voting for Jeff Hamilton who is running for Polk County Fire District No. 1 Board of Directors Position No. 1.

Jeff has a long history of community involvement and working towards making this a better place to live and work.

I am confident that he will bring that same dedication to the position.

I can think of no other candidate who will better serve us.

Barry Warden



Traci Hamilton

I am writing this letter to encourage everyone to vote for my wife, Traci Hamilton, who is seeking re-election to the Central School District board of directors.

Traci has dedicated eight years as a board member to ensure that every student's educational experience is rich and full. She is passionate about education and brings a very unique prospective to the board.

She is in the schools daily, has spent hundreds of hours volunteering and has established relationships with administrators, staff and students.

These experiences have given Traci an insight unlike any other board member. I know I may be biased, but I feel Traci has special gifts. She gives without expectations and truly bases her decisions on what is best for the kids.

She deserves your vote for the Central School Board.

Jeff Hamilton



Vote for Evans

To the citizens of Polk County Fire District No. 1:

I would like to thank you for allowing me to serve on the Polk Fire District board of directors for the last 12 years.

Also, thank you for your continued support of our fire and medic service.

As I come to the end of my third term, I am very grateful for all the hard work the volunteers, professional staff, and board members do for this community. It really takes a total team effort to make this department work.

One of the members of that team is Evan "Butch" Evans, who seeks another term on the Polk County Fire Board of Directors. I have worked with him for 12 years, and he has a totall commitment to this community. His experience and leadership skills make him a very valuable member of this team.

I strongly urge you to re-elect Mr. Evans.

Robert C. Manzi

Chairman, Board of Directors

Polk County Fire District No. I



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