Antique store owner doing what she's always wanted

My Favorite Antiques opens in Dallas

DALLAS -- Sometimes people get a chance to realize their dream. And, oftentimes, reality somehow, someway falls short of the dream itself.

Happily, that is not the case with April Garren. She's the owner and operator of My Favorite Antique Store, which opened this past summer at 643 SE Jefferson St.

"So far I'm very pleased," said Garren. "Word-of-mouth advertising has been excellent. People come in and in a short time they're back with a friend to show them something. I feel like we're off to a real good start.

"This is something I've wanted to do since I can remember. It just seemed like the right time in my life to make a career change. Plus, I was eager to do something locally."

To Garren, the enterprise seems to be more about passion than profit.

"I love being surrounded by antiques and older things," she said. "I think they offer a lot of comfort and the nostalgia of looking back in one's life, remembering things your grandparents and other people have had in their homes. It brings back lots of memories."

Many items in the store have been collected personally by Garren at estate sales, auctions and other sources. She also sells items from other individuals on consignment.

"We have a little bit of everything from furniture to things of interest to men like hunting- and fishing-type things," Garren said. "We have tools, kitchen items, books, jewelry ... all kinds of interesting things. Every day is a surprise with what's going to show up here."

My Favorite Antique Store is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. The phone number is 503-623-1331.

Garren said most of the her visitors are local but she also has had repeat customers from the Oregon Coast, Albany, Portland, McMinnville and Salem.

"People love the prices and the cleanliness of the store and how things are displayed," she said. "It's really fun. It's a fascinating business to be in."


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