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Falls City, will

you face problems?

Several months ago we purchased a nice home in Falls City. Before we even closed on the home we were warned of the drug problems there, especially the meth problem.

However, it wasn't until I finally got to Falls City in June that I realized there truly is a serious problem out there, and many of the people just "look the other way."

Why would they do that?

Is it OK to poison the soil where future generations may garden to feed their family?

Is it OK to raise and sell to anyone who wants it -- marijuana -- the "gateway" drug?

People in Falls City have moral choices to make, outside the several churches. They need to stand up and be counted to have a clean community.

When people said to me, "Yeah, that goes on here on my street just down the way," my question was, "What are you going to do about it, for your children, your grandchildren, and your neighbors? What will you do?"

Mickey Mathis

Brownwood, Texas


Much to be proud

of at Perrydale

The Perrydale community should be proud.

We have a school board that listens and responds to patrons; a superintendent who is experienced, smart and flexible; a principle who cares about students; a conscientious athletic director with energy; teachers and coaches who go the extra mile; community members who conduct themselves respectfully in a public forum; and great students.

We can foster an environment that helps young people succeed by providing opportunities for them to be involved, helping them understand their responsibilities and their rights and by supporting their youthful ambition to develop healthy behaviors and attitudes.

Societal problems exist.

No one person is always right.

Young people make mistakes and have for generations.

Parents present a multitude of opinions and values.

It is rare for a school system to consistently work from the bottom up and keep student needs at the heart of decision making.

Thank you Perrydale for keeping focused through tough times and celebrations. Our students will benefit and continue to make us proud.

Go Pirates!

Nancy Tuttle

Polk County


Support those who

suport community

This is in response to the letter to the editor in the Nov. 16 issue of the Itemizer-Observer by the reader who apparently is unhappy with body work performed on her Mustang by someone in Dallas,

Since there are not many body shops in Dallas, her letter puts our shop in question.

I don't know her, but I do know she could have received just as good of a job and service in Dallas as she did in Salem -- with the added bonus of using a local business that supports local causes such as Dallas Food Bank, foreign exchange students, school sports, kids' team sports, and other charities and causes.

I doubt that any out-of-town business supports our local community as much.

Kim White

White's Collision Service




omes down to


Think about others

Here we are getting ready for the holiday season. For some it will be a happy occasion. Others will find they are hard-pressed to enjoy it because many of our servicemen and women are fighting in Iraq.

I am reminded of a story of our (Salvation Army) leader many years ago. He wanted to send a telegram to each office throughout the world to wish a happy holiday, but each time he wrote a note it was too expensive to send.

Finally he came up with a one-word message for everybody: "Others."

So today, at this holiday season, let us each think of others. Do something for someone else. It will make you happier.

Join us at the Salvation Army kettles to help others, and support our service personnel and their families.

Jim Quigley


For the Salvation Army


Didn't like headline

on sports story

I found the "Central sinks in state tourney pool play" headline offensive.

This isn't the first time that sports headlines have been negative instead of positive.

Central was at the (volleyball) state tournament for the first time in 23 years and won the first game in each match. The team showed that it can compete at this level.

For those players coming back next year, this was a wonderful learning experience. And, for those seniors, it was great to have won three games and to have been competitive in the games they lost.

I hope your headline for the boys soccer game is more positive.

Sherry W. Perry



Police do best to

enforce ordinances

I just needed to respond to the letter regarding police not enforcing the noise regulations.

The Monmouth and Independence Police Departments have a long history of enforcing noise ordinances.

I agree there is nothing worse than an inconsiderate, noisy neighbor.

Unless a police officer witnesses the violation, they cannot take enforcement action without a signed complaint and a citizen willing to testify in court.

I would suggest you videotape the violation; it will help when you present your case to a judge. If you audio tape someone, you must notify them before or when doing so.

IPD has always been a good steward of taxpayer money. I'm certain you get better service than what you pay for.

Take some personal responsibility and help the police solve your problem before making critical, unjustified and unfair public statements.

Page K. McBeth



Event at LVCS is

wonderful experience

I have just returned from a Thanksgiving Feast at the Pedee Campus of Luckiamute Valley Charter School.

The feast was the result of hours of hard work by parents, teachers and staff.

I wanted to say thank you so much for having me and my son, Ian. I was invited as a Board Member, but left feeling a part of a bigger family.

I sat next to my son, Michael, Kenn, Nate and Shelby. As I ate, I laughed with them and talk about school.

It made everything I have done with and for LVCS worth it.

Toward then end of the meal, Mr. Highfield had three children read poems to all the students and guests.

On the table before me there was handmade placemat and a poem written by a student from Pedee.

Then came the part of the event when we went around the room and each person said something they were thankful for in their own life.

It brought tears to my eyes because nearly every child there said they were thankful for their school, their teachers, for the feast, for just being there, or for friends and family.

I felt so honored to be a part that experience and I just wanted to say thank you so much.

This feast was truly what Thanksgiving is about, a sense a friendship, community, and families.

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to meet such great kids and it reinforced everything I have felt about the community that supports our schools.

Parents, it's worth it! Your kids are worth it and it shows!

Kiva Lyell



World evolves on

its natural course

"Capping volcanoes will prevent global warming" -- that headline is about as stupid as "It's time to stop global warming."

The entire letter suggesting we should clog the already clogged internet with meaningless rhetoric concerning this idea is proof our public education tax dollars are being wasted in Oregon.

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change and the wisdom to know the difference."

Global warming is a fact, so is the coming of a new Ice Age, ocean tides, species extinction and continental drift due to plate tectonics, to name but a few natural processes.

Many of us believe we were created in the image of God, but this does not mean we are intended to take charge of natural processes which are the very essence of our living planet.

First we have misguided environmentalist dedicated to reverse the natural process of species extinction, and with that success under their belts, it's now time to reverse Earth's natural climate cycles.

Will these nuts ever find a bread and butter issue to champion such as the high cost of health care, the sorry state of our public education system, or resolving the drug problem.

In my humble opinion, global warming is a fact, we can either go into denial and suffer the consequence, or we can elect to view this change to a warmer, wetter climate as an opportunity.

Perhaps we can turn this predicted climate change into a benefit for agriculture, create new jobs and take over the role of being the nations bread basket from California's San Joaquin Valley.

If you feel it is your duty to take an active role retarding the advent of global warming, perhaps you can stop drinking milk.

Why milk, you say?

The cold facts are the growing world population has increased the demand for milk and has caused a worldwide increase in the number of dairy cows and their cumulative flatulence is a significant source of greenhouse gas.

Charles Blackwood



Many helped make

kids soccer great

On behalf of the Kids, Inc., soccer program, I would like to thank all or our sponsors, coaches and parents for their support of our leagues and our kids.

In addition, a special thanks to our league coordinators, referees and the soccer committee for their work in handling our leagues and the tournaments in the 3-4 and 5-6 grade levels.

Special congratulations to Siegfried Wutte and his "Terminators" for winning the 5-6 league tournament, and to Mike Kibbey and Tim Goerlich's "Orange Crush" team for winning the 3-4 league tournament.

A personal thanks also to Helen and Tina at the Kids, Inc. office for all of their help this season in the administration of our leagues.

Thanks to the Kid's, Inc. Board of Directors, Jerry Wyatt with the City of Dallas and Al Champ with the baseball program for their assistance in transitioning the soccer program to the Aquatic Center fields.

After three wonderful seasons, I decided to retire from the soccer program to pursue other personal and professional endeavors.

I am confident in the capable hands of Ron Brooks and the Kids, Inc. Soccer Committee.

Our family has greatly enjoyed the assistance and support of many in the Dallas/Polk County community in running the leagues, serving our constituents, and most of all, enjoying the blessings of making new friendships.

Warren Simpson

West Salem


Where to turn for

holiday assistance?

Is there Christmas help in Dallas for low-income families?

I know a few families who could use some help, but no leads on where to go!

Darlene Adams


Editor's note: Polk County Service Integration, 503-623-9664, is a clearing-house organization for local Christmas season assistance projects.


Parents, players

appreciated support

The parents of players on this year's Dallas Dragons football team would like to extend a huge thank you to Stan McKinnley and Weyerhaeuser Industries for their contribution of food toward the varsity pregame meals. The players appreciated every bite!

And, congratulations to Coach Thorsen and the entire football coaching staff on an incredible season.

Melissa Taber




need PIN access too

For most of us, a trip to the store is an uneventful routine that we take for granted. For people with limited mobility, requiring the use of a wheelchair, a trip to the store can be a daunting task fraught with obstacles and frustrations few of us would tolerate for long.

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that public places be designed and built to accommodate wheelchair accessibility. For that, we are grateful. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to go beyond the minimum legal requirements to make their establishments truly "user friendly" to their wheelchair patrons.

Of particular frustration is the checkout aisle. In many businesses, only one aisle is designated as wheelchair accessible, leaving the shopper with limited choice, especially if that aisle is not clearly identified.

Once the checkout counter is reached, however, another obstacle emerges. The EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) machines are mounted too high on the counter to allow people with limited range of motion to reach them.

For people who use their bank debit card, credit cards, or Oregon Trail Food Stamp card, the inability to enter their PIN presents a significant problem.

Most of us are understandably reluctant to verbalize our PINs for someone else to enter. Some stores have the PIN pads attached to cords allowing easier access for all users. It is this kind of thoughtful accommodation we wish to see.

Please encourage your local businesses to address this critical accessibility issue to make life a bit less difficult for all of us.

Ruth McEwen

Marjorie Reuling

NorthWest Senior &

Disability Services


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