9/14 Letters

DMV union official

way off the mark

The diatribe by the DMV union president (last week's letters to the editor), in which she passes a judgment of guilty on a man she should be defending utterly and totally, contains several statements that simply can't go without challenge.

She asserts that "while this incident has the appearance of racial profiling and deserves disciplinary action ... ."

Who says it has the appearance of racial profiling? The DMV employee spotted a bunch of suspicious characters and tried to do something about it, which is just what most of us law-abiding citizens would like to see more of.

Ms. Reichwein says "the slant of this article makes it appear that DMV as an agency is not interested in protecting the public ... ."

What slant? It appears the reporter took pains to interview DMV management and union people at length, not just Mr. Jeffries.

Ms. Reichwein talks about how "Our agency has put into place strict procedures and policies about ID issuance ... . All field employees have had training in detecting fraudulent ID ... ."

Let me get this straight. All this training is going on, but when a DMV field agent tries to act on that training, he or she is threatened or fired. Talk about doublespeak.

Obviously, the DMV's gutless union (as represented by Ms. Reichwein, at least) is only concerned about appearances, not about protecting the public. How sad.

She states that "We are not law enforcement and should not be investigating ... ."

Well then, let heads-up employees like Mr. Jeffries call the police so THEY can investigate, for crying out loud.

Maybe Oregon DMV should be put under the supervision of the state police. Its agents could then use the training our tax dollars are paying for, and the public would get some protection against people obtaining false IDs.

As it is now, the DMV is a laughingstock, a fact that is well-known fact within our state and out.

Bob Murphy



Shocked and dismayed

over DMV's action

I am sending this letter to voice my shock and dismay over the termination of Lavay Jeffries at the Dallas DMV.

I have known Lavay for more than 10 years and can personally testify of his integrity and character.

In my estimation he is an employee who always strived to provide the community of Dallas and surrounding area with the best possible customer service.

I have had the opportunity on several occasions to observe him handling customers, and he is always courteous and helpful.

He also has a duty, as I see it, to ensure that those who apply for driving privileges are not doing so fraudulently.

After our nation was attacked on September 11, 2001, I consider this a very important part of the DMV's responsibility.

I, for one, am very grateful to any employee who takes that assignment seriously.

I support an investigation into this wrongful termination.

Dennis Duranceau



It's DMV boss who

should be fired

DMV Administrator Lorna Youngs should be receiving a pink slip, rather than LaVay Jeffries.

Those of us knowledgable of illegal aliens and their behavior in obtaining legitimate documents, the behavior of Jimenez Mesa is a common dodge.

The "expeditor" brings a bunch of illegal aliens from other states to one of the few states like Oregon that allow illegal aliens to have drivers' licenses (others are Utah, New Mexico, North Carolina). The license is mailed to a fake local address and forwarded by the "expeditor" to the illegal alien, who then exchanges it for a license in their home state.

Jimenez Mesa didn't live in Beaverton or even in Oregon; Jeffries was right to recognize cause for suspicion. The Oregon license she obtained will be exchanged within 30 days in some other state.

Had she been legitimate, she wouldn't have needed the services of the "expeditor." The lack of a local address on her visa is another "red flag."

Do Oregon residents know the reason state bureaucrats so solidly support drivers' licenses for illegal aliens? Not for the "safer highways" excuse they offer, that's for sure. They want the license fees pouring into the state treasury.

Compromised security from illegal aliens means nothing to them; it's all for a buck.

Sandra Miller

Phoenix, Ariz.


Co-worker says Jeffries

treated all with respect

I am writing in support of my former lead worker, Mr. LaVay Jeffries. I worked side by side with him at Dallas DMV for many years.

I feel it is important to write and let everyone know that he is fair, honorable and treats everyone he meets with the utmost respect. He always, and I do mean always, goes out of his way for everyone regardless of race, color, creed, nationality or gender.

I have never been associated with someone who treats people better than he does. We were lucky to have someone like him working in the public sector.

I completely disagree with the charges that they dismissed him on; I feel his dismissal is totally wrong. It needs to be corrected in the fastest and most appropriate method possible.

Please support me in returning mr. Jeffries back on the job at Dallas DMV.

Mary Jane Mathews




DMV "leaders,"

not alert employee

While it may make some politically correct touchy-feely agency "leaders" nervous about profiling, it is after all a means to expose potential threats not only locally but nationally for the sake of security.

One only has to look at the case in Washington state where a Customs agent was quick to respond to questionable behavior by an individual who ended up having terrorist ties. He subsequently was convicted and sentenced to 23 years for conspiracy to attack the United States.

These so-called leaders who fired Mr. Jeffries should be removed from their posts immediately. They pose a threat by turning a blind eye to potential dangers (and at the same time are probably among those who prattle on about the need for our federal government to provide national security).

Such nonsensicalhypocrisy! The proper approach to dealing with problems is not to bury your head in the sand so you can't see them.

This dangerous approach by the DMV it could cost people their lives. The fact that an agency providing "legal" identification to potentially criminal or illegal individuals should effect high scrutiny and demand tough standards. The agency's leaders do a disservice to the law-abiding citizens they are there to serve.

Oregon's DMV amounts to a government funded "legal" means for wrongdoers to get false identification.

Government agencies need more individuals with the insight and common sense of Mr. Jeffries.

Dan Kessler

Mountlake Terrace, Wash.


DMV action strikes


as "sickening"

It is sickening to read about Oregon DMV firing an employee for trying to determine that an applicant for a drivers' license is not part of a scam operation.

What's our state coming to? I would bet nine out 10 Oregonians would like to see more security in our ID-issuing agency and don't give a rip about offending somebody's sensibilities.

It doesn't sound like this employee was engaging in racial profiling -- he was engaging in suspicious-person screening. So what? It goes on every day at our airports, and we accept it as as nesserary for the greater good.

Wake up, DMV.

Jess Hart

Adair Village


DMV employee



, not firing

I am writing in response to your September 7th article on the firing of LaVey Jeffries by DMV for supposed racial profiling. I say bologna. Homeland Security has made the DMV the first line of defense against illegal immigration into the country and DMV appears to scoff at that responsibility, by trying to be too "politically correct".

It would appear from his track record in 1999, when he correctly identified several Saudi Nationals that were attempting to obtain false ID, that his judgment is not only intuitive, but accurate. Perhaps he prevented another hijacking by his actions then and saved thousands of American lives. No one will ever know for sure.

The bottom line is that we can't have it both ways. We live in a very dangerous world, as we found out on 09/11 and Mr. Jeffries deserves a medal for his actions, not unemployment.

Daiv Skinner



DMV's action is

an ebarrassment

The recent DMV decision to fire an employee who was going doing his duty to protect my community, my friends and my family is nothing but an embarassment to all Oregonians, especially to state workers.

I guess DMV management would rather have zombies or robots working for them so as not to cause some type of political correctness faux pas, than to have an outstanding citizen who is concerned for his community.

I want our government officials to take responsibility for our safety.

Please make a Driver's License more that an entitlement for anyone who has the correct fee!

Thank you, Mr Jeffries, for your concern. It does not go unappreciated by the community.

James O'Brien



Cartoon perpetuates

deception and ingnorance

The Harriman cartoon depicting President Bush denying funds to the levee maintenance in Louisiana was deceptive if not an outright lie. The Congress of the USA submits and approves budgets for national expenditures.

This includes such things as the $300 million plus "pork" for items like the bridge to nowhere in Alaska. The good old boys in Foggy Bottom usually feather their own nests quite well while appearing to work for the national interests such as the war funding which THEY also approved.

As to the levee repairs, the levees have been in place well over 75 years and they need maintenance ALL of the time, not just in GOP years. Indeed, one might ask where such levee moneys were spent given the awareness of the destruction of other hurricanes in the last 50 years!

Again, deceptive reporting only confuses the issue and promotes ignorance of the voters. Perhaps that explains the meltdown non leadership and inaction by the mayor of New Orleans and the governess of the state. Several hundred drowned-out school buses, lack of provisions in the Superdome and looting and killing in the streets attest to that.

Too bad the media has not addressed the foulups in the

state instead of showing news clips of various Democratic

leaders blaming the admistration.

Deception may pay, but for whom and how long?

Paul Tanksley



Mixing teens, bar

is a stupid idea

After reading the Itemizer's August 17 article titled, "Dallas family plans unique business," I thought I would see a few letters commenting on this new, indeed, "unique" business.

I was sadly disappointed however, to find that I must be the only one who feels that having teenagers upstairs watching high school football game reruns and snacking on pizza while adults are getting drunk downstairs in a bar (call it a pub if you like) is a good idea.

As a matter of fact, it is a stupid idea.

Dallas does not need another bar and its impressionable youth shouldn't have to face the potential problems an arrangement like this could generate.

Shame on the Itemizer for painting this `unique' business in such a rosy light.

Kendra Sambuceto



Walker would make

a great governor

Oregonians should be pleased that State Sen. Vicki Walker has decided to throw her tireless energy into the governor's race and raise the bar on the issues we care about such as better schools, affordable health care, and a more just society. As a retired teacher I would say Vicki is doing what we always asked all young students to do as good citizens-namely if you strongly believe in something worthwhile for all of us, you should act on it.

The current governor has a basic "Groundhog Day" approach to political life in this State. Once a year or so he emerges from an office in Salem as "Punxsutawney Phil" to see if it's time yet to actually start to show some leadership activity. This is only to earn re-election votes.

His taking credit for enacting Oregon's new car emission standards is an example.

Unlike the current governor, Sen. Walker, in the Oregon traditions of Sen. Wayne Morse, Gov. Tom McCall, and Sen. Maurine Neuberger, will bring up the issues that impact all of the 3.5 million Oregonians today -- that's everyone in the family.

The difference between Vicki and Ted is that Vicki Walker as governor would do this every day, not just once a year.

She has shown leadership and compassion on education, health care, and a more just society, as her web site www.walkerforgovernor.com readily demonstrates. I strongly encourage you to support her for governor of Oregon.

Phil Kessinger



What's wrong with laws

that it comes to this?

I love the USA and Oregon.

Sad that people are out to raise taxes. They can't get by on a budget as we retired people do.

We Davies would like to sell four acres. It is buildable and we have a buyer.

We had a neighbor who didn't get along with aneighbor in California. Moved next door and wanted to buy land for $20,000. A real estate man told her it was worth $105,000.

Goody two shoes (I call deceitful, unkind) appealed it so they can't build.

There are others who would like to sell but are being stopped. Sad story.

What is wrong with people who want to raise taxes but don't want people building?

Two families near us have big new homes -- two-story homes that are keeping us and others from selling.

Don't disturb us. That is what we planned for retirement.

Our mattress is 28 years old, our back bothers us. Don't you think it is time for a new mattress?

We would like to enjoy retirement. It has cost us a lot of good dollars.

Walt has had heart trouble for 10« years. Now what?

I have broken two bones over four months, and noww a cracked vertebra. Not one of these folks call or come over to see if we need food or help. Love, where?

The four acres was to be our donation land claim. The house is on Cooper donation land claim. The boy and girl married and it has always been two tax deeds.

Our neighbor then went to planning and they told her she could buy or drive.

Our drive has been here since 1871 as far as we know. That was when our home was built.

I don't want to treat people as they have us.

P.S.: Sad that we care for illegals and criminals ... but people can't enjoy retirement without other people's dollars or welfare.

What is wrong with Oregon laws? Why are they deceitful and unkind?

Winnie Davies



Despair not; there is

some humor out there:

Not long ago I was driving through farming/ranching land in South Dakota's Great Plains.

Stopping at one of those fast food/gasoline station places, I ate and got gas.

Looking at the pump, I was confronted by 48 buttons and signs designed to make operation easy. First I had to decide whether I wanted Bronze, Gold or Silver.

I also had to figure out which of the four possible ways I should "Insert card."

The bright sun made it so I couldn't read the tiny printed instructions. There were other buttons I never figured out.

After several failed attempts and lavish use of the "help" button, I finally got gas flowing into the tank. I wasn't sure what the octane rating was, but it smelled like gasoline, and that was good enough for me.

As I was smirking proudly at my accomplishment (they didn't teach me such things at university), an old rancher-type stopped his pickup next to my car.

Getting out, he stared at his gas pump for a full minute. Then he looked at me and said, "Pretty soon I'm going to be too dumb to pump my own gas."

Amen, Mr. Cowboy.

Charles Ellsworth



Sees charter school

as a real blessing

With the start of school last week, I wanted to take a minute to thank the staff and volunteers at LVCS (Luckiamute Valley Charter School) for welcoming my kids with open arms. I feel so blessed my kids are able to attend the Bridgeport campus, they feel so at home.

Every day they come with new adventures and tales of new friends and experiences. I know many children in Polk County are having the same experience at their neighborhood school. LVCS isn't better than those schools, just different and it fits our family so well.

I wanted to be at a place where I can be involved as much I can, so my kids see school as an extension of our family. A place where the Executive Director knows my kids' names. A place my daughter gets to have the same teacher from kindergarten through second grade. An environment where my son's kindergarten teacher can call me on the second day of school to tell me my son was doing great.

My son has seven kids in his class. His teacher has the time to talk to me about my child. I welcome that consistency and the encouragement to drop by, say "hi" and to be involved.

Again, thank you to the staff and volunteers at LVCS. The small class size and the great staff make me feel good about where my kids are. I am excited for the growth, that my two-year-old will be able to attend preschool when she's ready and that all my kids will be together in such a great place. LVCS has such great things going on, it is thriving with activities from greenhouses to Title 1. I know with the loving hands of parents and the care of staff it will only get better. Have a great school year!

Kiva Lyell



Can stolen property

bring joy to thief?

I hope the person enjoys the new beaded jewelry stolen from a garage sale in Monmouth, Friday the 9th of September. I am sure the friends and family of this person will compliment the cleverness employed to steal from a family sale!

Shirley Richards



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