9/21 Letters

Thanks to supporters

of Dallas athletics

The Dallas High School athletic department and its staff would like to extend a big "thank you" to all of the individuals who have played a part in getting the fall sports season off the ground.

For helping with facility maintenance, to preparing athletes to perform on the field and court, to providing meals after two-a-day practices, and with many other services, they came through. Local businesses, medical professionals, community members, parents, coaches, school officials and staff members, all too numerous to name here, stepped up to provide support to our athletic programs.

Dallas athletics thanks them for their generosity and efforts.

Grant Boustead, athletic director

Janet Allen, athletic secretary

Dallas High School


Legion Bingo is

open to community

We seem to have lost some friends who used to come to the American Legion Bingo gatherings each Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

Where are you?

For all people who would like to play Bingo, please come and join us and bring a friend.

All are welcome, and winners score prizes!

Come and have some fun in the recreation room at 204 S.W. Maple St. It's the three-story building west of Main Street.

Jim Quigley

Vice Commander

American Legion Post No. 20



Pedee Jeans story

is bittersweet

Your article on Pedee Jeans (Aug. 3) was a bittersweet read.

I was staff reporter and later editor of the Itemizer-Observer in the 1980s, and I well remember the Hagas' early efforts to expand their business.

As we covered Pedee Jeans' move into Dallas and their emerging relationship with state corrections, Doug Haga was a delight to work with, and had a truly creative vision for his company. I was sad to learn of his death.

It is my hope that Elaine and Steve can continue on. As someone who was there in their early days, I can attest to the commitment to quality and the sense of community that has always been part of Pedee Jeans. I'll be on the lookout for a pair!

Kirby Neumann-Rea

Hood River


Perrydale reading

program a success

Once again, we had an amazing turnout at the Perrydale Summer Reading Program with 68 kids attending the program and reading for more than 1,200 hours!

The kids did an awesome job and really stepped it up this summer.

We directors were incredibly surprised at their enthusiasm; some kids read almost as much as we did over the summer! (And we're high schoolers!)

We would like to thank Perrydale School for providing us with the funding for the program and a big thank you to the great Perrydale janitors for all their help.

Also, a huge thank you goes to the parents of kids who attended this. Your support and words of encouragement mean a lot to us.

So once again, thank you to everyone who helped make this year's "Wild Adventure" a huge success!

Sara Juergensen

Rhonda Miller

Krysta Miller



Employee's dismissal

reeks of politics

I was shocked to read about the unfair dismissal of LaVay Jeffries from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Each time we have gone in, he has been friendly, helpful and often displaying a sense of humor.

I know of people who drive from Salem to the Dallas DMV because of the personal treatment and efficiency.

The DMV isn't anyone's favorite place to be...but LaVay helps make it enjoyable.

Why would DMV dismiss such a valuable employee? It reeks of politics to me.

If you feel the same, please call DMV director Lorna Youngs at 503-945-5100 or write to her at: DMV, 1905 Lana Ave. N.E., Salem, OR 97314

Debbi Morrison

West Salem


DMV employee's actions

deserving of praise

Someone ought to put Mr. Jeffries up for a medal. Instead of allowing illegal activity to go on, he took actions to stop it.

Too bad his DMV supervisor appears to believe that some laws are not meant to be enforced.

Bob Greene

Glen Allen, Va.




were appropriate

La Vay Jeffries doesn't know me from Adam, but being the owner of six motor vehicles, I am often in the Dallas office with a number waiting for my turn.

As a retired psychologist, I can't help but observe people when I'm killing time, especially people who impress me in a positive way.

Mr. Jeffries was one of those. Always friendly, patient, and helpful to whomever was in front of him, I very much doubt that there is a prejudicial bone in his body.

I remember feeling envious the first time I heard him speak Spanish.

To accuse him of racial profiling because he mentions that a suspicious person is Hispanic is ridiculous. The action he took seems quite appropriate to me.

Getting fired for failing to just tell a supervisor in Salem does not.

It sounds to me like we lost an excellent employee mostly because a supervisor was protecting his or her turf. A commendation might be more in order.

Didn't the 9-11 Commission uncover examples of concerned field agents alerting supervisors only to have their information disappear up the chain of command?

Even the Hurricane Katrina rescue efforts were early hampered by information getting screwed up as it was passed on to higher-ups sitting in their offices far away from the scene.

I feel much safer with the actions of Mr. Jeffries than those of his supervisor. And as a taxpayer I would like to see this worthy employee reinstated.

Jerry Nathan



Freedom of religion

means partial to none

I wonder how heartily those who believe that these United States should have a "Christian government" would feel if some other religion's fundamentalists were in the majority here, if they not only controlled the presidency and congress, but also wanted to institute "their" government.

I do not understand why such individuals can't see that for our government to be fair to all of us in matters of religion, it must be partial to none of us.

The framers of the Constitution wrestled mightily with the question of whether or not to establish a "state" religion. Wisely, they decided that their choice would be "none."

The genius of that decision is that it is the only way things can work in a society that has and wants to maintain freedom of religion.

All lovers of freedom of religion, (and logically that should be all of us for who knows when "our" religion or belief system might be in the minority), should demand that those we elect to lead us in matters of government hew to this position. It's the only way to insure equal treatment by the government to and for each and every single one of us.

Ask yourself it you think you'd like living in a country that didn't keep church and state separate, especially if that church or religion wasn't yours?

Thomas P Augustyn



Booster Club pays

tribute to volunteers

The Dallas Booster Club gratefully acknowledges the importance of all of our volunteers. If it weren't for your willingness to help out, we couldn't continue our support of Dallas High School athletics and athletes.

We see, on a daily basis, the positive impact your work has on our athletes and programs.

We would like to thank all the men and women, too numerous to list, for their enthusiastic work at the football concession stand.

Dave Pederson has done an outstanding job organizing our stands and preparing them for games.

I would also like to thank girls' varsity soccer coach Cherish Henrickson for organizing her team and Mary Samerotte for cleaning the guest-side football concession stand as well as the bathrooms and storage areas. It all looks great!

We also appreciate and admire the talented work of Darlene Wheeler and Emily Wheeler who creatively painted Dexter Dragon and the school colors in and on our concession stands. It is a privilege to be involved with so many talented and giving people.

Dallas Booster Club will continue to do everything we can to support Dallas High School athletic programs, coaches and athletes. Thank you all for your support.

Kathie Brostrom

Dallas Booster Club President

Dallas High School


Community response

has been overwhelming

Anyone who has ever coordinated a special event knows it can be a time-consuming process, even if you have months to work on it.

Create an event in less than a week? Well, some would say that's impossible.

However, that's exactly what happened with the love and support of the Monmouth/Independence community.

On Sept. 16, we opened a donation site and held a benefit concert to raise much needed medical and personal health supplies for Katrina Survivors.

The response from the Monmouth-Independence community to join with Northwest Medical Teams in their efforts has been overwhelming. We are still receiving phone calls from people wanting to donate items.

We are overjoyed with our community's willingness to help others in need on such short notice.

We would like to take this opportunity to let the public know how much we appreciate those who became involved and helped in so many ways with their efforts.

First of all, a big thanks to all the local musicians who provided the music.

Thank you to the following businesses and individuals for their time and resources including Rick's Place, Naturally, Tipp's Copy Center, Independence Roth's, Polk County Fairgrounds, Lance Graber, Unity of Salem, Monmouth Christian Church and PCL (Partnerships in Community Living).

A big thank you to the individual families for their time and who collectively paid for the mandatory special event insurance.

And, a special thanks to Olsen Design & Development, Inc., for sponsoring this event.

Please know, we have made a difference in the lives of others.

If anyone still wishes to donate items, please contact Mary 503-838-1145.

Tammy McCammon

Caroline Collins



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