4/12 Letters

Dallas area comes

through for Goodwill

Every year Goodwill can count on the Dallas community for Goodwill's Good Turn Day. This year was no exception.

Area Boy Scouts collected 3,250 pounds of clothes and housewares. The sale of these items will help provide jobs and training for people with disabilities in the community.

Material donations create a win-win situation. You, the donor, win because you get to recycle items you no longer need, make extra room in your closet or garage, lower your disposal costs, take a tax deduction, and provide jobs and training for people with barriers to employments.

We, Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette, win because we get the opportunity to turn your donations into revenue for our services.

Goodwill employees and clients win because they become more self- sufficient. And the community wins because our programs take people off the tax rolls and turns them into productive, taxpaying citizens.

Hundreds of volunteers played an important role in this year's event by collecting and transporting the donations.

We could not have accomplished this feat without the help of local Scouts, the Oregon National Guard, and volunteer trucking companies. Thank you.

Michael M. Miller

Regional Goodwill President



Thank you for

Jog-a-thon support

The Lyle Elementary School Parent Teacher Club would like to thank the parents, school staff and the community for their support of this years Jog-A-Thon.

The Jog-A-Thon was a huge success with the students raising more than $19,000.

The money raised will go towards Lyle's new playground equipment, classroom field trips, as well as many other activities sponsored by the PTC.

The PTC would like to extend a much-deserved thank you to our Jog-A-Thon volunteers and volunteers from Dallas High School.

The PTC would also like send a special thank you to "Sam the Barber" for shaving Mr. White's head!

We are continually amazed by the generosity of our community. Thank You!

Debbie Martin

For the Lyle PTC



Make sure male

mate likes cats

Girls and ladies:

If the unsuspecting man you ye selected as a target for matrimony likes dogs, but doesn't like cats, beware!

Some men feel that way because they can easily dominate a dog, yet they cannot dominate a cat. Nobody can dominate a cat because the furry felines are directly descended from royalty, and they know it.

Manipulative, controlling men don't like having any living creature around if they cannot dominate it. Especially a lousy pet!

At least, with another human being, the domineering man can eventually subordinate him or her completely. For these men, having complete control over wife, children, and the family dog makes life about perfect.

Am I saying that men who like dogs are all of a controlling nature?

Certainly not.

There is an irony here regarding men who are control freaks, their wives and the family dog.

Frequently, whoever feeds the dog is perceived by the animal to be the Alpha. That is often the woman.

When dad comes home from work, he is welcomed by the dog as a member of the family.

And, as with all family members, he is dominant over the dog (among humans, dogs expect to be the Omega, and that doesn't bother them).

But dad does not automatically assume the role of "Top Dog" in the eyes of Fido. More than a few autoerotic males are confused and outraged by this.

So, girls and women, when you're looking for your life-partner, consider how he truly feels about pets (and children, of course). Then, consider his looks and potential earnings and other lesser things.

And remember: beware of the man who hates cats.

Charles Ellsworth



Thanks and goodbye

from H-2-O director

For more than 20 years, I have been involved with H-2-O.

During that time, we have assisted thousands of people in our county with food, clothing and household furnishings.

Our calling has always been to "love our neighbors." We have done this in a very practical sense of providing some basics for living.

I am grateful for having been a part of H-2-O (Help and Hope to Others).

I am grateful for the friends and relationships that I have made, but most of all, I am grateful for the people in our communities who have chosen to donate the needed items that help H-2-O to continue in it's mission.

As my health has diminished and my age increases, I find it necessary to resign my position as director of H-2-O. I find it almost impossible to do the physical work that is common to the job.

I would just like to say, thank you to all of you who have supported H-2-O by donating vehicles, food, cash, clothing, household items, and the like.

These are difficult times for H-2-O. We have almost always faced a financial shortfall, we have kept payroll and expenses extremely low and we watch our spending closely.

The costs involved in the daily business is astounding. The new roof over the south end of the building is costing $20,000.

We need your help.

As I leave my active position at H-2-O, I ask you in our communities, to continue your support of H-2-O.

We desperately need volunteers to work in the store. We need to find a volunteer grant writer to help us submit grants.

I pray that God will place on your heart, a call to help -- whether it is by donation or by volunteering.

I am not 100 percent sure where God is going to take me next, but I must say, "Here I am Lord ... send me."

With a grateful heart,

Chuck Pulley



Note of thanks

to local hospital

On March 20 I became very ill and went to West Valley Hospital in Dallas, where I received immediate care.

When my condition worsened, I was transferred quickly to Salem Hospital where I would spend the next 15 days, 12 of them in the ICU.

My family and I moved from Arizona last September. There, the average wait time to see someone in a hospital emergency room is over 7 hours.

I salute West Valley Hospital for their prompt and excellent service. According to my physician, if I had have had to have wait 6 to 8 hours to see someone, I would not be here today writing this letter of thanks. My wife would be without her husband and my children would have lost their father. Thanks you, West Valley Hospital staff, for helping save my life.

Bryan Hutchison



Phone solicitations

from overseas?

For the past few weeks, I have been getting many unwanted phone solicitations.

About one year ago, I signed up on the No Call List. Since then, I have not had a domestic phone solicitation. Recently, I have been getting calls from a foreign source. My guess is Pakistan or India, via satellite network.

I tell the callers I am on the No Call List. They reply they know nothing about this list and try to continue their pitch. Then, I say good-by and hang up.

What can be done about these callers? I have gotten calls after 9 p.m. Time zones don't seem to matter.

Don Basey



Many helped with

preschool screening

The second annual Dallas School District Preschool Health Screening was a tremendous success, thanks to the staffs at Oakdale, Lyle and Whitworth Elementary Schools, Willamette Education Services District and a host of volunteers and agency support.

Parents had the opportunity to get their preschool children screened for vision, hearing, language, academic development, articulation, nutrition, and fine and gross motor skills.

Local medical support truly is deserving of special mention. Dr. Chris Johnson and staff, Dr. Weston Morrill, Dr. Tom Flaming, Dr. Jeffrey Humphrey, Dr. Tom Davis and Dr. Gina Remington all gave their time to meet with each child for vision, dental and physical screenings.

The Polk County Health Deptartment, Community Action Headstart, Department of Human Resources, the county fire district and Laidlaw Transportation provided services and information to the families. Sodexho graciously provided lunch for all family members, and Safeway donated food for everyone who assisted with the activities.

Special thanks to Lyle staff who were out in full force assisting in the coordination of this project, and to Myron and Sandy who cleaned up afterward.

We especially appreciate the Service Integration team who assisted with materials and supplies, and in particular for providing the beautiful books to every child who participated.

We tried to list (in an ad on Page 5A) the individuals and groups who set aside their everyday commitments to put time and energy into this service project. If we missed anyone, we thank you, too. Together, you all provided a wonderful example of how people in our community give of themselves to help serve the needs of children and families.

Susan Gartland



A s

enseless act

On Sunday afternoon, April 9, I parked my car on Stan Schmidt's insurance company parking lot.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the person or persons for giving me this chance to have my car's rear window smashed. It must have been quite a thrill hitting the window and seeing the glass fly every which way.

You will be happy to know that the bill for the window is only between $600 and $700. Thank you.

Keep up the good work and someday you might get to be a guest of the county or state.

Del Fredricks



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