Independence man wins new VW Beetle

Lloyd Coffman gets a nice, nice return on a 60-cent investment at Spirit Mountain Casino.


Lloyd Coffman of Independence poses with the 2006 Volkswagen Beetle he won Aug. 13 at Spirit Mountain Casino.

INDEPENDENCE -- Lloyd Coffman, owner of Independence Appliance, had been sitting at the two-cent progressive slot machine at Spirit Mountain Casino for about 45 minutes.

All of a sudden, bells began to ring. Whistles blew and colored lights flashed. And Coffman thought ...

"What's wrong with my machine? But then the guy next to me said, 'Oh. You won the car."

Indeed, Coffman merely found himself in the right place at the right time on the night of Aug. 13. He was sitting at the machine when the jackpot went off, making him the proud owner of a new 2006 Volkswagen Bug.

"Nothing pops up on the machine," Coffman said. "All of a sudden the bells go off, and it says down at the bottom that you've won the jackpot.

"I probably wasn't all that excited at the time. It was the next day when it really dawned on me. I'm not a whooper or a hollerer or a yeller. I've seen people win two dollars, and they scream like they've won a million."

While he didn't quite win a million, Coffman has the choice of taking the VW, a vehicle of similar value or a cash payout.

"We have an option with the dealership, which is out of Twin Falls, Idaho," Coffman said. "It's a Volkswagen-Chrysler dealership. We're seeing about taking another car, but we'll probably just take the VW. The cash option is not that good."


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