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West Ellendale at Jasper* Kings Borough residential

West Ellendale at Jasper

DALLAS -- Commercial Investment Associates LLC of Salem is building a commercial property on West Ellendale next to Rite Aid.

The developers are calling it Jasper Crossing and they hope to begin initial street improvements and preparations in the spring of 2007.

Mitch Teal, the principal broker handling this property, said he and his company will solicit input on which businesses the people of Dallas would like to see in the area.

"We are not disclosing at this point who we are talking to because nothing has been finalized, and we think there are a number of services that Dallas doesn't have yet that it would like to see," Teal said.

The tract is 12.48 acres, and is located just west of the Rite Aid store in the shopping mall anchored by Safeway. It contains four legal parcels, (five tax lots, but four buildable parcels).

"There is also a minor portion of the property that we will make a wetlands mitigation area; that process is already underway with the city of Dallas," Teal said.

Teal will meet with architects this week to finalize some of the details. The plans include a city-mandated extension connecting Jasper Street both north and south of West Ellendale. That will link the northwestern neighborhood to Dallas' main artery.

This street extension may alleviate some of the rush-hour congestion problems next to Lyle Elementary School.

Teal said that in the next few months his company will make suggestion coupons available to the public. Citizens will be able to write their top three choices for retail businesses on these coupons and send them back to the developers for consideration.

"Hopefully that will give us some guidance in deciding which companies to court. Some of the suggestions won't be realistic -- we won't be getting a Trader Joe's for instance -- but hopefully we will be able to provide necessary services to the community," Teal said.

"You know, part of what prompts these types of developments is rising gas prices. When gas gets to a certain price all the coupon clipping in the world isn't going to make up for the drive, and that's when people start looking closer to home for services in their community."


Kings Borough residential

DALLAS -- CP Development has been working on a residential development on West Ellendale near Kings Borough Park since 2003.

It has been a slow progression to get 160 lots developed, averaging just over 50 a year.

It has now reached its final stages and the last 52 lots are ready for single-family homes to be built.

The city had to approve each phase of development and assess its available utilities. Each year the city allows only a certain number of developments to connect to city water and sewer, in theory limiting growth and the building of single family dwellings.

"We can't ban growth, but we want to control it to maintain a certain level of livability," Jordan said.

The Ellendale development, like many residential developments in the community, filled in vacant lots within the city limits.

This final phase is on a 13.22-acre plot and the average lot size is 8,430 square feet. The area is zoned residential single family.

As part of the phase progression the developers were required to improve the infrastructure, meaning the streets and sidewalks as well as any traffic control devices within the development area.

These final 52 lots will join a 56-lot phase and a 52-lot phase, both of which have houses established.

"If you look at a map of recent development in Dallas you will see that it moves in a concentric circle from the center out," Jordan said.

"That is no coincidence. Our priority is to in-fill the land we have, to minimize sprawl."

All phases of this development were reviewed and decided on by the Planning Commission, which is comprised of seven volunteer community members who were appointed by the Dallas City Council.

Like any development (commercial or residential) in Dallas, it was reviewed, open to public debate and then voted on by the commission.

The Dallas City Planning Commission meets the second Tuesday of every month in the council chambers at Dallas City Hall. The meetings are open to the public.


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