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Many make St. Philip

dinner a big success

We sincertely thank our parish family for their gernerous donations of time, food, money and gifts that helped make our 14th annual Christmas Day dinner a success.

We also thank those in the community who came to help set up, serve and clean up. An extra special thanks to Bert's Family Restaurant, Dallas Mortuary Chapel, Dallas Select Market, Miramar Mexican Restaurant, St. Philip's Knights of Columbus, Safewy, St. Anne's Altar Society and Tony's Place for their generous donations that made it possible to serve so many,

We appeciate the efforts of the Itemizer-Observer, KPIE Radio and KWIP Radio for helping us with publicity.

This traditional community meal is a blessing to all involved, and we feel the love, joy and gratitude of those who would have spent the day alone or without a meal. Thank you and God bless you!

Social Concerns Committee

St. Philip Catholic Church


Bert serves up more

than coffe and food

On behalf of our Tuesday and Friday morning coffee group, we want to thank Bert of Bert's restaurant for the wonderful breakfast buffet and gifts on Friday, Dec. 23.

Not only did out group feel special, but as we looked around we realized that she was gifting each of the small coffee klatches that frequent the establishment.

Bert, you always manage to keep the spirit of Christmas alive throughout the year with your broad smile and huge heart. Thank you!

Sue Fletcher

For the Tuesday-Friday

morning coffee group



Must be a reason

for the flooding

Number of times in the past 10 years the creek flooded over Oakdale Road when entering my property?


Number of times that creek overflowed the road in the last 10 days?

Three -- that I know of. (It now rises so fast with the hard rain and then falls back so quickly when it stops, it probably happens in my sleep, too.)

The trouble is, we're talking about the brownest, muddiest, most debris-filled water I've ever seen, and it has flattened part of my sheep pasture fence, totally ignored a dike and half filled my little fish pond. (It's the pond, not the fish, that was little -- and is now messed up.)

I would guess the difference has to do with acres and acres of clear-cut logging with "modern" heavy equipment on the hills in the watershed above my place. In the past, I've sold timber a couple of times myself. I just thinned the trees and pulled them out with hired horses. The creek never changed.

Should people have unlimited property rights? I don't think so. Who do I send the bill to?

Jerry Nathan



DHS track upgrade

an effort by many

When driving by Dallas High School, please turn your attention to the new addition to the high school track facilities. Thanks to donations and volunteer workers, we now have a place for storage.

Track and field requires much-needed space for hurdles, pole vault and high jump gear and many kinds of other equipment. This project came about because of help from the City of Dallas; Weyerhaueser, which donated the framing lumber; and Jim Fairchild (yes, the mayor), who donated his time and expertise.

While talking about community help, it should be brought to the public's attention that for the past two years the new track facility has been a project of many volunteers. When the new track and field event areas were designed, the old track had to be removed.

Todd Bostrom and Dan Jackson and sons donated time and equipment for the removal of the blacktop. John Beck, Wade White, Steve Dickerson, Wes Tilgner, Rory Lassiter, Drew Reinhart and many others prepared the grounds. On several Saturday work days, parents and track team members moved dirt, spread bark dust and made the track ready for the 2005 season.

Thus, 2005 became the first time home track meets had been held in many years.

Thanks to the school district for having the insight to see the need for the track, and to principal Keith Ussury and Grant Boustead and Janet Allen of the DHS athletic department for supporting the changes. We now have a track facility that measures up to others in our league. I look forward to another successful year.

Again, to everyone who helped: The track team and coaches appreciate your efforts.

Paul S. Ward

DHS track coach


Just how special

can a person be?

This morning I received a letter that began:

"This is a personal letter to you only."

Among the gems within this eight-page letter were:

"Please keep what I tell you a secret." It went on to tell about an "exclusive association, a secret society of the world's most powerful (including actors, gamblers, Casanovas)," and that "shockingly powerful secrets" have been uncovered.

It told me "Members have analyzed your profile and have discovered ... you possess several rare traits they are looking for."

The letter went on to say that "Every seven years this association picks a handful of individuals from around the world possessing your unique traits ... to become part of their exclusive club."

Assuring me that "Your hidden talents must be phenomenal for the members to select you," the letter said that these members "are going to reveal to you the greatest secret of all time."

The insightful information about me (my mother always said I was special) was taken from just the first half-page of what remember is an eight-page letter. I'm going to have to go out an buy a ring so that people can kiss it.

I know this secret association is above board, because they knew so much about the real me.

But I do worry that the envelope was addressed to "Occupant."

Charles Ellsworth



Thanks for chance

to keep class going

We would like to thank the Polk County commissioners for allowing the Total Fitness class to continue in the Academy gym this past year. After Chemeketa eliminated the class during budget cuts, the county commission was kind enough to let us use the gym for exercise sessions even though we were not an official class.

Then Fay Lanning contacted Dallas Community School and its director Linda Pauls, who saw the need for such a class to continue in the community. Due to their support the class is a success and has 25 or more participants of all ages each session.

Fay Lanning is a dedicated, experienced instructor to works with everyone in the classes on achieving personal goals at each person's own level. She teaches the proper techniques to increase strength and stamina while reducing injuries.

The next session will start Monday, Jan. 9 at 6:30. For more information, community members can call Linda Pauls at 503-623-8351.

Susan Lang, Sandy Quiring,

Mary Alice Thorpe,

Nancy and Larry Lennon



Berger's actions not

in our best interests

On December 14, the Itemizer Observer has used it's good news space to announce that state representative Vicki Berger will again run for another term. For those who are not familiar with Ms. Berger, she works District 20, an area that includes Salem, Independence, and Monmouth.

Ms. Berger was, as predicted, positive about her agenda, and is known in political circles as a "moderate" Republican, even though she stood side by side with the draconian Karen Minnis on a number of votes during the last legislative session. She said that she wanted to promote a solid school budget. She said that she wanted to keep health care costs affordable. She said that she wanted a fair tax code.

But what is important to remember with Ms. Berger and with all political office-holders is this: watch how they act before you believe what they say. For the record, Ms. Berger ACTED to promote these precious legislative jewels:

* She voted FOR a bill that could arguably be viewed as a Poll Tax (HB 2583), in the dubious tradition of Jim Crow laws out of the South. This bill was clearly aimed at restricting the voting rights of Mexican Americans, the working class, and the poor.

* She voted FOR a bill (HB 3258) that would restrict the rights of Farm Workers (read: Mexican Americans) to bargain for higher wages and benefits.

* She voted for MORE corporate tax breaks (HB 2542-A), which would cost Oregon $19 million dollars over the next several years and drain more tax money away from public schools.

* She voted for even more tax shelters (SB 887-B) for multinational corporations like Nike and Tektronics for the next 30 years!

* She voted AGAINST (SB 329-A) lowering prescription drug costs for employees and employers of small and medium-sized businesses.

* With school funding at dangerously low levels, Ms. Berger voted (HB 2450-A) to place a lid on more state support for schools, which would effectively choke the life out of public k-12 education in the state.

This is how Vicki Berger acted. It's in the record. She turned against the interests of Mexican Americans, against the interests of the working class and the poor, against the interests of public school students, but she gave her votes to the big money corporations and the greedy pharmaceutical industry.

And this is what "moderate" Republicans do. Sheesh.

Jim McDonald



Familes of addicts

must face realities

In response to the recent letter (12/28) that alleged abusive techniques used in the county's drug addition rehabilitation program:

I have worked in the field of addiction for almost 20 years, not as a therapist but as support staff. I have also had my own personal experience with stuggling with addiction and "being all I can be".

I can tell you that for the writer to make a preceded by "from what I am told" shows that she has no facts to back up her statement and that she may just be another mother who enables her child to continue their spiral down into more addiction, criminal activity, lies and deceit.

I suggest for all parents, spouses and family members who have practicing alcoholics and addicts in their lives to really, honestly look at themselves and begin to help them recover instead of enabling them the pain of addiction to go on.

People die from this disease everyday. If we don't come out of the fog and realize that we cannot always believe what the addict is telling us then we are headed for a bigger battle that just "no meth in our neighborhood.

Kris Cooley




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