Young triathletes survive heat wave

The race is on to get into the pool as fast as possible.


(From left) Kaitlyn Senger, Cole Setniker, Makenna Setniker and Ryan Kennedy dart away from the starting line in the First Kids Triathlon.

DALLAS -- The First Kids Triathlon was held July 21 at the Dallas Aquatic Center as part of the annual Summerfest Celebration.

As was the case all week, the emphasis here was on "summer" as participants were greeted with steamy-hot temperatures in the middle- to upper-90s.

"Oh man," organizer Tom Snyder said. "It was in the high 90s. For the little kids, it was pretty tough. For the first year, I think things went pretty smooth. We were hoping for more kids, but with the heat and everything else, I think it went all right. I think people went home pretty satisfied."


At Dallas Aquatic Center

Results of July 21

Ages 5-7

Name Time

1. Jollie-Rae Ford 4:04

2. Kaitlyn Senger 4:19

3. Jake Collins 4:29

4. Makenna Setniker 5:09

5. Alyssa Gebhart 5:10

6. Cole Setniker 5:49

7. Ryan Kennedy 6:06

8. Madelyn Kennedy 6:44

Ages 8-9

Name Time

1. Kobe Metzger 6:55

2. Parker Ford 7:27

3. Hannah Nelson 7:36

4. Andrie Zamubio 11:31

Ages 10-12


Evan Puckett 13:49

2. Christian Pond 14:05

Ellie Collins NT

Zachary Taylor NT


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