Monmouth leaders finally adopt 2006-07 budget

MONMOUTH -- City officials greenlit a $24.71 million budget for 2006-07 early June 30.

City Council delayed adoption of the budget at its June 7 meeting because of concerns by some members over a $16,000 increase from last year of the Monmouth Senior Center.

That sum pays for a pay and benefits hike for that center's program director.

A proposed amendment by Councilor Marc Miller to eliminate the $16,000 failed. The council then voted 4-1 to adopt the budget, with Miller dissenting.

Councilor Steve Milligan recused himself from the decision process because he's applying for interim city manager position.

There were minor changes to the budget:

* The city's gas revolving fund was increased by $7,000, because rising fuel costs.

* Officials transferred $59,000 from the community development personnel expense account to professional services, to retain a temporary planning director contracted.

* About $56,000 was added to the revenue and capital expenditures of the finance and management budget. The sum represents an unspent portion of $131,000 budgeted last year for a new accounting software.

The 2006-07 fiscal year began July 1.


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