Energy-saving drive begins

POLK COUNTY -- The blue-and-white fliers found on the front doornobs of area homeowners this month are from Energy Trust of Oregon, Inc., an independent nonprofit organization established to promote energy efficiency for customers of Pacific Power, Portland General Electric and NW Natural Gas.

The fliers contain information about home energy reviews that are available for many residents and include an offer for free fluorescent lightbulbs.

Dallas and Independence are among the first Oregon communities targeted in the energy-saving campaign.

"Everyone wants to save energy and pay less for their energy bills. We have the information to help Oregonians make good energy choices," said Diane Ferington of Energy Trust. "Our vans and trained advisors will be very visible throughout the area during the month of March."

Ferington said that in addition to the lighbtbulbs, Energy Trust can provide high-efficiency showerheads and water faucet aerators.

The organization estimates that about 1,950 homes in Dallas and Independence were built before 1980 and have the most potential to benefit from simple energy efficiency changes.

Since then, most homes constructed are more efficient due to state energy building codes.

Other information from Energy Trust ( shows residents how to reduce energy consumption by as much as 30 percent by increasing insulation, sealing ducts, upgrading to more modern furnaces, and other measures that help make homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Such upgrades pay for themselves in as little as two years, Ferington said.

Interested customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power or NW Natural can call 1-866-ENTRUST or visit the web site mentioned above.


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