Preschool screening scheduled for Dallas

DALLAS -- The Dallas School District is sponsoring its second annual early childhood screening and kindergarten registration from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, March 24 at Lyle Elementary School.

The service is open to all Dallas children from birth to 5 years old.

Free transportation is available in the Dallas area for anyone who doesn't have a car.

"It is a way to support parents and to provide services at one location at one time," said Susan Gartland, the Dallas School District's special education director.

"There will be information available for parents about their children's progress," Gartland said. "For us (the Dallas School District) this works as a 'child find.' It helps us identify children with special needs, and helps us assist parents in recognizing proper development."

Last year, health and developmental experts screened 93 prekindergarten and identified about 5 who need early intervention.

This year, organizers are hoping at least 150 new students and their parents will take advantage of the screening day.

Among the services are on-site dental examinations, and dental sealants will be applied for children who need them. Hearing, vision, and medical examinations also will be available.

Children won't be able to get their required shots at the screening, but parents will be able to make appointments for them.

On the academic side, Dallas educators will test students for academic readiness, motor skills, speech and language development.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for families to get together with educators and learn about their child's development and needs," Gartland said.

Similar screenings have been successful in Yamhill County for years. This year, Central School District officials will observe Dallas' screening day as a foundation for establishing a similar program for their students.

For more information or to request transportation: Susan Gartland at 503-623-5594.


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