Morrison drops appeal of charter termination

Morrison halts appeal

of charter decision

DALLAS -- In a unanimous vote Monday, the five-member board leading Morrison Charter School agreed to stop the appeals process regarding the non-renewal of its charter with Dallas School District.

Earlier, the school district opted not to renew the Morrison charter for a new three-year term. The effect is that Morrison Charter school will cease to exist at the end of the current school year.

In its stead, the Dallas district will resume its former alternative school program for credit-deficient 11th- and 12th-grade students at the Morrison site. The Morrison staff will be largely the same group as taught under the charter program.

The administrator in charge will be Cory Bradshaw, director of instructional services for the school district, rather than Don Wildfang. The latter retired from the Dallas district three years earlier when taking on the charter school's administrative duties.

A passionate discussion ensued at the early- morning meeting when the board decided to recommend that all the Charter's assets be relegated to other Oregon charter programs rather than go to the Dallas district. Board chair Don Currey made the recommendation, which was suported by a 4-1 vote. Director Jerry Nathan dissented.

Actual disposition of those assets (budget carryover, text, computers and furnishings) will be determined by the State Board of Education. Teacher Ken Guffey, president of Morrison Education Association, urged the board to keep the assets with the students "for whom they were intended at Morrison."

All board members, including Chuck Lerwick, Lisa Koloen, Michaele Pelzer as well as Nathan and Currey, were pleased to hear that Morrison would close its books with between $67,000 and $120,000 remaining. In April, Morrison counted the equivalent of 106 full-time students on its rolls.


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