Dallas' Dorothy Phillips bowls 300 game

It's the first perfect game by a woman at Starlite Lanes.

DALLAS -- Longtime Dallas resident and bowler Dorothy Phillips had been close to 300 games before.

But, in the past, her nerves always got the best of her as she approached bowling perfection.

That was not the case on a recent night at Starlite Lanes in Dallas. Phillips bowled 12 consecutive strikes and recorded a 300 game during league play on a Wednesday night.

"I'd been down to that 10th frame many times," said Phillips, who indicated her previous high game was a 290-something. "I'd never made it to 300, though.

"It was really strange. I'd been there a few times before. I didn't even think about it this time. I just felt it coming along as the game progressed. I didn't get the wobbly knees I usually do or choke or anything.

"You get to be my age, and you start to think it's never going to happen. Usually, your knees get to shaking, and you blow it. This time, it was like, 'Oh well.' It was a nice surprise."

The feat was enjoyed by both teammates and competitors alike. Starlite owner Loren Faxon indicated Phillips is the first woman to roll a 300 game at Starlite.

"Everybody enjoyed it," Phillips said. "It's a men's league, and I'm the only woman in it. The guys are very supportive, Loren especially. I've known Loren for a long time."

Phillips' 300 game was the second in a four-game series. She started the night with a very respectable 202. But her scores dropped off considerably in games three and four as her concentration understandably waned a bit.

But that second game was nothing short of perfection.

"I had one Brooklyn shot about the sixth frame, but the rest of them were right in the pocket," Phillips said. "It was pretty exciting."


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