Pedee News: Nola Womer

Paul and Betty Ronco had a double celebration on Easter Sunday, April 8, at their home as Paul also celebrated his 82nd birthday in the afternoon with birthday cake and ice cream.

Families home for the day were Jim and Margaret Jarvic, with Brandon, Evan and Caitlin of Zig Zag; Brad and Kathy Ronco, with Jason, Cassandra, Jacob, Megan and William of Falls City; Alan and Jo Ronco, with Eva and Becca of Pedee; Brenda Ronco of Dallas; and Spencer and Jill Jones, with Jeffrey, Ryan and Alyssa of Pedee. The children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt in the afternoon.


Arlene Kovash attended the American AgriWomen's mid-winter conference at Kansas City on March 28-April 3. She really enjoyed the special exhibits that she attended. One was The Dead Sea Scrolls at the museum. She also found the World War I Memorial and museum very interesting. She learned about the cause of the war.


Pat Lyday of Kings Valley spent Monday afternoon (April 9) with Paul and Betty Ronco and shared news about the Easter sunrise service breakfast and worship Sunday at Pedee Church.


My sister, Nila Shellenbarger of Monmouth, and I had an early family Easter at the home of her son Larry and Mary Shellenbarger at Buena Vista on Saturday. Others sharing the day were their daughter and son-in-law Julie and Chris Austin, with Paige and Emma of Sherwood; Mary's mother, Geri Niccoli of Buena Vista; and her daughter Doni and Dennis Wolfe of Salem with Lisa Wolfe and Conner and Tyler of Corvallis.

After Easter dinner Chris hid plastic eggs with candy inside for the children to find in the yard.


The sunrise service at 6:30 on Cemetery Hill was well attended. Most also joined in the Easter breakfast at Pedee Church. Chuck Goetzinger was in charge, with lots of help in serving the 46 who were there.

The small cross on the walk to the front steps of the church was beautifully decorated with flowers for the worship service and during children's church, paper decoration were added.

The church sanctuary windows had a pansy plant and bouquet of Easter lillies in each. An Easter lilly arrangement graced the piano with a bouquet of daffodils to one side.

The prelude by Carolyn Hall and Pam Burbank was the Hallelujah Chorus. Pastor Lonnie Burbank welcomed all and read a few verses that told of the angel at the tomb telling the women "Jesus is Risen."

Aaron Burbank sang "Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow." Pam Burbank accompanied on piano. Dan Hayes performed "Make My Life a Prayer to You," Carolyn Hall did the offertory "Was it a Morning Like This," Gene Hall "Via Dolorosa," Glenda Bush "One More Time," and Stacy Wiedenmann " How Beautiful" with recorded music.


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