MI Town: Patty Taylor Dutcher

Summertime in MI Town just keeps getting better and better. The sweet corn on the cob that was my favorite treat at our recent Polk County Fair is available at our local grocery stores and farmer's markets all around the area.

We enjoyed our first pie made from backyard apples, as well as some wonderful fresh peaches from a local produce stand. My next year's garden thoughts are centering around corn and green beans and all the good vegetables that grace our tables at this time of year.

For now, we'll skip the wine country tour in the south of France, and take a well-stocked picnic basket to one of our local wineries for a relaxing afternoon, where we can visit with friends and neighbors in our very own community.


Coach Arne Ferguson will have the WOU football team ready for its opening game on Saturday, Sept. 1. We're looking forward to seeing new faces and welcoming returning team members as our Wolves meet the Willamette University Bearcats at 6 p.m. at McArthur Field.

Tickets are reasonably priced, and good food is available at the concession stand, and the action is great. Why not come out out and support our local university, and have a wonderful time with family and friends.


The news that members of our local law enforcement community worked cooperatively to arrest 16 people following a five-month investigation into meth sales in our area is definitely an example of how we can work together to combat drug abuse. Methamphetamine is a most insidious drug, and its use has damaged countless families and relationships in every socioeconomic group.

The seizure of drugs from local sources is a very positive step. As a community we must do our best to help local and county law officers in these efforts.

If you know of anybody who is affected by drug use or abuse, please encourage them to get help. It is available.


There is still room for those who want to participate in the 24-Hour Relay Challenge on Sept. 22 and 23. Nancy Lodge and Bob Archer are coordinating the event, which will held at McArthur Field. Their web address is: www.independencepolice.org/24hour/index/html.


Mark Kershner is featured in tonight's Music in the Park Series from 7 to 9 p.m. at Monmouth City Park. What an opportunity to enjoy good music from the 1940s and 50s on a fine summer evening. You can bring a picnic basket or purchase food items from local businesses and share in the fun.


The recent fatality at Clow Corner Road and Highway 99 reminds us all yet again to be extra watchful when we're out and about. We all need to be mindful of buckling our seat belts and taking those extra few seconds to check for oncoming traffic before entering an intersection. Farm equipment is also on county roads and highways.

A little extra attention from each of us will get us all home safely.


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