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1/02 Letters to the editor

*Kindness makes the season a joy*Hand-wringing not going to help

Kindness makes

the season a joy

Christmastime: the season of joy and goodwill. I love this time of year.

Recently, while shopping at our Dallas Safeway store, I had a most wonderful event happen to me, one that I shall remember the rest of my years. To many, it might be seen as mundane, but to me it was very special.

On that particular day as I was walking to my car, it was raining quite hard, a brisk wind was blowing and I was getting very wet. As I opened the trunk of my car to put things away, a young woman appeared by me and covered me with her umbrella until I was done.

She then wished me a Merry Christmas with a big wonderful smile on her face even though her kind gesture caused her to get quite wet.

I did get her name but I am hoping she reads this and will know who I am writing about.

Thank you very much for your kindness and may God bless you. I wish you the best of the holiday season.

--Paul Kugler


* * *


not going to help

Am I the only one who has grown tired of the hand-wringing over the earth's warming trend?

OK, the ice caps are melting. Automatically that is the fault of humans?

Mars is warming, says NASA. Let's find out what the martians are going to do about it.

I was recycling before global warming and I love alternative energy.

If this global crisis is man-made, let me know when Gore starts heating his homes with firewood and using horse-drawn buggies for transportation.

If the earth is not just in its own process of change, inertia will carry us to catastrophe anyway. Ten years or five decades to "plug the dam," so to speak. We can't even keep lead out of kid's toys.

Tell me how we will stop global warming? However, unless we all give up all of our technology, our conveniences, our machines and gizmos, the panic is just more noise.

Hey, maybe Dallas will be beachfront in 50 years. I like the beach, don't you?

--Patrick Arthur



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