MI Town: Patty Taylor Dutcher

Happy New Year! Whether your celebration included a festive evening of dining and dancing, or curling up with a good book by the fire with a hot drink - it's always exciting to begin a brand new year.

Children will be looking forward to going back to school and seeing all their friends, our WOU students will be returning soon to get involved in their classes and activities, and we will all try to think of creative and interesting ways to get through the cold, rainy - and occasionally snowy - winter days.

A new year brings new opportunities to resolve to take good care of ourselves and our families. Some of us may choose to begin a healthy lifestyle change with morning walks and workouts at the health club or with the latest video. The swim aerobics classes at the WOU pool are also fun and interesting and a great way to start a busy day.

While the weather outside may not be very welcoming, we can find many good things to do to keep busy indoors, to help chase those winter doldrums away.


The recent Central School District newsletter was full of good information about our local schools and activities. January is School Board Recognition Month, and with the next Board meeting scheduled for Monday at 6:30 p.m. at Ash Creek Middle School, this is a good opportunity for all of us to learn more about the workings of our schools. Meetings are held the first Monday of every month.


Our Central High School Panthers are busy with swim meets, wrestling events and both boys and girls basketball games during January and February, with many events here in MI Town or not far away.

Attending these winter sports programs are a great way to show support for our local athletes, who work hard to prove themselves both in the classroom and in the sports arena. Go Panthers!

Another good way to chase away the rainy-day blues is to pack up the family and visit either the Independence or Monmouth public libraries, where many good things are happening for MI Town residents of all ages.

Friendly faces and good information about the latest in books and DVDs is available during library hours. My happy new year wish is that at this time next year, our libraries will have the proper funding to be open seven days a week.

What can we do to make that dream a reality?


How about giving the cook the night off and have dinner out at one of MI Town's restaurants? Whether your preferences are for Mexican, Italian, Asian or American, you'll find everything close to home and served by your friends and neighbors.

When we resolve to spend our money where our town is, everybody wins. And it's one New Year's resolution that is easy to keep.


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