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*Parks upgrades draw support of Dallas council *Council discusses what new bridge means to Dallas *Fir Villa work gains approval

Parks upgrades



of Dallas council

DALLAS -- Dallas City Park along Rickreall Creek, and Rotary Park off Fern Avenue in North Dallas, are slated for significant improvements following action by the Dallas City Council at its July 2 meeting.

Northwest Playground Equipment will install children's playground equipment west of the Fredrickson-Seibert picnic shelter in Dallas City Park. Presently there is playground equipment for small children at that site.

The $85,000 project should be installed and in use before the end of summer.

Rotary Park will be given a new lease on life through the combined efforts of the Dallas service club, and gift of $20,000 from that club, and an additional $50,000 to $60,000 from the city.

Improvements will include playground equipment and a basketball court.

Mayor Jim Fairchild added, "We'd really like to pull in help from the neighborhood, too. It is a neighborhood park.

Councilman David Shein commented, "I see this as a win-win. We need to improve the parks and not have the city pay the full price."


Council discusses

what new bridge

means to Dallas

DALLAS -- Building a new bridge across the Willamette River seems like a surefire way to gain the support of the Dallas City Council.

Think again.

It actually sparked discussion at the July 2 meeting of the council when Mayor Jim Fairchild sought approval of a motion supporting efforts by the Polk County Commission to have a voice in the latest bridge project.

The spans sought by the largely Salem group involve bridge sites north of the present Center and Marion street spans.

Councilman Rich Slack asked, repeatedly, "What do we gain?"

The mayor responded by saying that "Any new bridge will take traffic away from the current ones, giving us some benefit."

City Manager Roger Jordan encouraged the council's endorsement of the County Commission's support saying, "This should help us get a seat at the table" -- referring to getting a voice from the Dallas area at future bridge discussions.

In the final vote, all council present except Slack supported endorsing the commissioner's role in the process.

Fir Villa work

gains approval

DALLAS -- Completion of the Fir Villa street and storm sewer project received full approval of the Dallas City Council at its July 2 meeting.

City staff has completed final design for the project. That design includes curbs and sidewalks along the road except on the west side of the south end due to wetlands and other considerations.



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