Pedee News: Nola Womer

Arlene and Paul Kovash hosted a family reunion July 5-7 at their home in Pedee. Forty members of Arlene's family came from Oregon, Arizona, California and Indiana.

The weather was perfect for the indoor-outdoor event. Activities included scrapbooking, paintball (mostly by teenagers), cardplaying, hauling hay, visiting the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, making tamales and egg rolls, and lots of visiting.

Marilyn and Steve McGettigan, cousins from Philomath, brought a telescope and folks could see Jupiter and many bright stars.

On July 7, the Kovash farm held a memorial service for Arlene's mother, Chris Dorsey, who spent many summers in Pedee. She died on July 4, 2005, in Arizona.

Vicki Massey (Chris' daughter and Arlene's sister) came from Mesa, Ariz., and brought Chris' ashes back to the farm to be buried with those of her husband, George Dorsey.


Relatives, friends and neighbors of Pat and J.R. Lyday are invited to a 60th wedding anniversary open house from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 19, at the Terri Lyday Arnold home, next to the Kings Valley Store.

Pat and J.R. have requested no gifts, please. To RSVP: Pat Lyday, 541-929-2108.


Alyssa Jones celebrated her second birthday at the home of her grandparents, Paul and Betty Ronco.

Helping her celebrate were parents Jill and Spencer; brothers Jeffrey and Ryan; grandmother Betty Ronco; aunt Brenda Ronco of Dallas; uncle and aunt Brad and Kathy Ronco of Falls City; and friends Laurel and Eric Happe of Salem.

Alyssa opened all but one gift, which she took to the Rehabilitation Center so she could open it with her grandfather, Paul, who is still recovering from hip surgery.


Nicole Turtle, 6, is visiting her grandparents, Juandeane and Harold Skidmore.

Nicole's family came from Boise, Idaho, to spend five days on the farm. When they returned to Boise on July 9, Nicole chose to stay with her grandparents to learn to bake pies and cakes and to help grandma clean house.

She'll go back to Boise in about three weeks.


At the July 8 worship service at the Pedee Church, Dave and Joyce LaVoie and their daughter Merrilou Gilmore of Enterprise were welcomed. Dave is recovering from triple-by-pass heart surgery.

The congregation sang "Happy Birthday" to Shelby Wiedenmann, Pastor Burbank read Judges 6:1-14 for Sunday's message: "And Step by Step You'll Lead Me."


The Pacific Summer Conference and Annual Business Session will be July 22-25 at Jennings Lodge. Aaron Burbank has been elected as lay delegate for this year's conference.


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