Pedee News column: Nola Womer

Pedee Evangelical Memorial Church daily Vacation Bible School is June 18 to 22. A cowboy-themed "roundup" will be held 10 a.m. Sunday, June 24, at the Albright Corral.


Relatives went to Zig Zag on June 3 to honor Evan Jarvis on his graduation from Sandy High School. They included grandparents Paul and Betty Ronco, and Brad and Kathy Ronco, along with many others. Evan was also honored for his 18th birthday, which was June 12 (the same birthdate of his great-grandmother, Eva Womer Burbank).


Wes and Carla Burbank, and Paul and Arlene Kovash, attended the Dallas High School graduation of their grandson, Brennan Burbank and hosted exchange student Jacek Szalkowski on June 9. Brennan's parents, Dave and Suzanne Burbank, joined them in Salem for a celebratory dinner.

Brennan and Jacek attended an all-night graduation party at LaCreole Middle School.


Sam and Judy Guida had a potluck birthday party on June 10 to celebrate Sam's June 5 birthday and Judy's upcoming July 6 birthday. Attending were their Pedee Creek neighbors and friends from Salem, Corvallis and Eugene.


Paul and Betty Ronco honored their daughter, Brenda Ronco, on her June 10 birthday, with many friends and relatives attending.


Merrilou Gilmore of Enterprise has been with her parents, Dave and Joyce LaVoie. Dave had bypass heart surgery June 11 at Salem Hospital.


Pastor Lonnie Burbank had the help of Aaron Burbank and Dan Hayes for the June 10 worship service at Pedee Church. The pastor's message, "Harvest Focused/Holiness Fueled," was from from Matthew 28:16-20.

Pat Lyday shared that her brother, Eugene Burbank in Las Vegas, is better but still suffering from an unknown ailment. Eugene's birthday is next week and daughter Vicki Lyday is planning a party for him.

Church leaders elected for the new conference year were lay leader Aaron Burbank, assistant lay leader Arlene Kovash, trustee Aaron Burbank, church treasurer Arlene Kovash, mission treasurer Nola Womer, Sunday school superintendent Stacy Wiedenmann, mission committee chair Nonie Burbank, personnel committee chair Juandeane Skidmore, and social committee chairs Gail Goetzinger and Suzanne Burbank.


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