3/28 Letters to the editor

*I-O news warms heart of former exchange student*Solution to halt global warming yet to be developed*Premium pet food proves safe choice for valuable pet*An offer to help computer

I-O news warms


of former

exchange student

I would just like to inform you that I have been reading your news in the Itemizer since I found your website four years ago.

I tried to read all articles about Dallas -- from local stories to sports, even the county's "who's in jail" lists on the I-O web page.

I was in Dallas way back -- 1987 to 1988. I was a Rotary Exchange Student, 17 years old at that time.

Now I'm 35, but never got a chance to go back (to Dallas) because of strict visa requirements with the U.S. Embassy. But, with your web site, I always feel that I am there.

In December 2006, I was so happy and I could not hold back the teardrops in my eyes when I saw that the very good family that I knew when I used to live there, is still around and celebrated a 60th wedding anniversary.

I considered Grandpa Buck and Donna Buchanan as my family, besides my family here in the Philippines.

The Buchanans hospitality and kindness can never be forgotten and it will never fade away in my memories. It is something that you can relate and be proud of to your kids that I used to live with a family that showed the hospitality of Filipinos.

Thanks to the Polk County Itemizer-Observer, and more power to you.

Donald Carlos P. Cudiamat

Ozamiz City, Philippines



Solution to halt

global warming

yet to be developed

The sight of Al Gore testifying before Congress on global warming would be simply amusing if it wasn't also accompanied by the continued push for more government regulation and taxes.

My sense of humor disappears when politicians start staring at my wallet.

While it would be convenient to think that we can all get in our cars and drive around on corn and wheat straw, the reality is that renewable energy is only expected to meet about 1 percent of global energy demand in 20 years.

Technology exists that will lessen the environmental impact of developing and using U.S.-based traditional energy sources.

Unfortunately, though demand has increased, U.S. crude oil production has declined significantly over the last several decades.

We should look to exploring for domestic sources, produce more fuel-efficient vehicles, and utilize cleaner-burning engines first, and keep our renewable energy ambitions in perspective.

It would be disastrous to implement something like the Kyoto Accord which would make only a minor change in global warming while causing a major economic slow down.

There is nothing on the horizon now that will allow us to make a significant change in global warming.

It would make a lot more sense to spend the next 25 to 30 years doing basic research to develop technologies that might have a significant impact on global warming while allowing our economy to grow and create the wealth we will need to make the switch to new technologies.

Wayne Brady



Premium pet food

proves safe choice

for valuable pet

I am a retired single man and I have a pet Jack Russell Terrier. He follows me everyplace in or out of the house. He never talks back to me and obeys without delay.

I really appreciate those fine qualities, and that's why I always feed my friend premium quality dog food. I never considered feeding him the cheapest brand.

When the warnings came out recently about dangerous pet food, I went to my store and found the premium brands still on the shelf -- another good reason not to try to save a buck or two buying cheaper food for your loyal friend.

Don Basey



An offer to help

computer newbie

This is in answer to the letter writer who said he would gladly take the pesky computer that is frustrating one local resident so much.

I sincerely hope that some kind person might have an extra computer they are not using and will kindly offer it to you. Then you will find out what "computer illiterate" really means.

You say you have average intelligence? Then you may be able to turn it on -- assuming you have figured out how to install your new computer, and don't forget the power strips. I would suggest at least two.

I do not believe anyone can sit down to a computer for the first time and know how to function within the parameters of what a computer is all about. No Way.

Someone will have to give you some type of instruction if you want to be "up and running" and not sitting there dinking around without the slightest idea of how "this @&*$! thing" works.

I say this as someone who has had years of instruction by one-on-one and in classrooms, and hours of technical support training.

Charlie (the writer to whoom you referred) in six months of owning his computer can just barely make it the tool he needs to aid him with his hobby.

When you get your computer, you may phone me and I will come over and start you off with some basic knowledge.

You also will have to know how to do your maintenance. Oh yes -- maintenance. Just like your car.

The Itemizer-Observer will have my phone number to give to you if you choose to use my help.

Good Luck.

Marilyn Folsom



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