Pedee News: Nola Womer

Arlene Kovash went to Washington, D.C. with 25 Oregon Farm Bureau county residents April 24 to 28.

She attended for her husband, Paul Kovash, who is president of the Benton County Farm Bureau.

They met with members of Congress and the Department of Interior to discuss water issues.

She was able to visit the National Portrait Gallery and the International Spy Museum, which she found very interesting.


Sunday dinner guests of Lonnie and Pam Burbank were his father and wife, Aaron and Nonie Burbank, and his uncle and wife, Lew and Sue Burbank of Dallas.

The families had been ill and missed services.


Wes and Carla Burbank enjoyed a day at Devil's Lake on April 28 with their sons Dan and Dennis and families.

They had two boats and enjoyed a very successful fishing trip. It was a beautiful day at the lake.

Wes and Dan went back on April 29 and were again successful fishing. Carla and Haden attended Sunday School and church in Pedee.


My sister, Nila Shellenbarger of Monmouth, and I visited our cousins, Paul and Betty Ronco, on April 25. We were luncheon guests and shared a lemon pie. We were there to check on school and family pictures and try to add names.

Their daughter, Rene Ronco, who came in the afternoon, spent several days with them and visited other relatives. She returned to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., April 30.


Three miniature rose plants (yellow, pink and bronze) decorated the piano on April 29 with a card of appreciation on each for the church work of LaVerne Bennett, financial secretary; Arlene Kovash, treasurer, and Stacy Wiedenmann, secretary.

Pastor Lonnie Burbank had the help again of Aaron Burbank and Dan Hayes at the worship service.

The pastor's message, "Whom Do You Choose?" was from Joshua 24:14-27: We can not serve God and man. We must choose to serve and obey only God.


Word was received May 1 of the death of Helen Birchell Oshel of Corvallis on April 30.

She was the daughter of William and Malinda Birchell whose family lived on a Pedee Creek Road farm. She was a graduate of Pedee Union High School.


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