11/28 Letters to the Editor

*Great young people make an impression*Town square tree is looking a little sparse*Many help local food bank with its mission*Taters owners think of others on Thanksgiving

Great young

people make

an impression

Thank you to Dallas Faith Evangelical Free Church for the teenagers who brought flowers. Then more came with a couple of adults, ladders and rakes and cleared our yard and cleaned the gutters.

We wanted to give them a donation for their youth group, but they refused. They went throughout the neighborhood on Southwest Mill Street.

With all the negative stuff you read and hear in the media about our youth, we found it refreshing that there are some really neat young people out there.

Thank you from the Southwest Mill Street folks for your fine community caring.

--Richard and Carol Malone


* * *

Town square

tree is looking

a little sparse

To The City of Dallas:

I take great pride in the trimming of my Christmas tree every year, it is certainly something for me to look forward to!

I've noticed the main streets of Dallas are already in the festive mood with ornaments on light poles and across the streets themselves.

However, the main tree in front of the courthouse (a grand old building in it's own right), has very little.

Whatever happen to the thought that the town square was suppose to have the best tree in the town? Where's the pride, people?

--Ami DeJarnette

Grand Ronde

* * *

Many help local

food bank with

its mission

Thanks to the I-O for the article on the Ella Curran Food Bank. It helped many people know where we had moved in September.

While several groups were mentioned as donating to the food bank, many others have also helped.

Three churches in our community help each month - St. Hilda's Episcopal, Faith Lutheran and Christ's Church. The Latter-day Saints also contribute regularly.

All four churches took part in the Interfaith Food Drive during October. Each spring the USPS mail carriers, Curves and both libraries hold food drives.

Many others contribute food and financial assistance throughout the year.

Students at Western Oregon University are great. Each November, they hold a drive in the residence halls to help furnish the basics of a Thanksgiving dinner.

This year, 143 families received turkeys and food for a dinner in their own homes.

The WOU Ranger Club raised money and food through their Halloween haunted house.

About 20 loyal volunteers contribute time each week to help keep the food bank functioning. They are the backbone of work done.

So, thanks to each and every one who has contributed in any way during the past year. Your help is appreciated.

--Pat Jaffer

Food Bank Coordinator

* * *

Taters owners

think of others

on Thanksgiving

I just would like to let you know that there was a family business that served free Thanksgiving dinners to those in Dallas that had no family to be with.

Clay and Angie, owners of Taters Cafe on Jefferson Street in Dallas, served dinner to more than 80 people on Thanksgiving day.

I would like to thank them for showing our community that there are still people who think of others in this world today, and without expecting something in return.

Happy Thanksgiving, Clay and Angie, to you and your family.

--Kelly Doke

Falls City


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