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*Election generates readers comments

Election generates

readers comments

Registered voters in Polk County will have the opportunity to cast ballots during the upcoming May primary election in Oregon.

Area residents will also have the opportunity to state their case for their favorite candidate through the Itemizer-Observer's weekly Letters to the Editor.

With the May 20 vote-by-mail primary less than seven weeks away, and with a handful of letters having already trickled into the I-O office endorsing a candidate or two, we want to remind readers of our long-standing letters-to-the-editor policy for the election season.

Letters about candidates and ballot issues are limited to 100 words - no exceptions. We will return to writers letters that are substantially over that limit. Letters that are only a few words over the limit will be edited. Writers should be concise and to the point in their support of a candidate or ballot measure. We suggest stating your case, make one or two supportive points, and close the letter. Readers are more likely to remember your point when you are brief with your comments.

Writers are limited to one political letter during the election season. So, once you have submitted a letter supporting a candidate or issue for the May primary, you are no longer eligible to submit a letter during that election season. Your next opportunity will come during the November general election.

Political endorsement letters from writers living outside of Polk County will not be accepted, nor will form letters from groups mass-mailed to multiple media organizations. Letters submitted to the I-O should be original and from individuals.

We have these policies in place to not only encourage letters and dialogue during the election season, but to allow for the publication of as many different viewpoints from as many different people as possible.

The deadline for letters is 11 a.m. on the Monday before publication, but we encourage writers to submit their endorsement letters as early as possible. There is a possibility that letters submitted before deadline still may not be published that week due to space limitations, and will be held until the following issue.

The Itemizer-Observer's full Letters to the Editor policy is published on this page.


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