Weather Service offers spotter training

MONMOUTH - People with an interest in storm watching, take notice.

MONMOUTH - People with an interest in storm watching, take notice.

The National Weather Service will conduct a training session in Monmouth on Wednesday, April 23, for individuals who want to become part of the agency's network of local weather spotters.

The workshop is free to the public and runs from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Volunteer Hall, 144 S. Warren St.

When spotters note significant weather patterns or events - from their homes or while on the road - they call an 800 telephone number, give their spotter number and relay the information in a brief message.

Some areas within NWS's forecast area have little or no sources of weather information; spotter reports help fill those gaps that radar and satellites can't cover.

Spotters' data, which includes location, elevation and a description of the severity of the conditions, can help NWS formulate and pinpoint advisories or warnings.

Those who become part of the program may also be contacted by NWS to verify large hail, damaging wind, snowfall or peak wind speed.

For more information: Tyree Wilde, warning coordination meteorologist for NWS in Portland, at 503-326-2340, Ext. 223; e-mail to; or


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