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*It's time to bring our troops home*Early immigrants got little help*Butterfield has what it takes*Clinton is best choice for Dems*Fagan's leadership a strong attribute*Felton has neede

It's time to bring

our troops home

Normally I rant about local and regional things that bug me. Lately, though, I've become positively enraged that American military personnel are still being killed in the Middle East in countries where the majority of citizens either hate us or resent our presence.

Images of people singing and dancing in the street as they watched television replays of the plane crashing into one of the Twin Towers and, later, both of the towers collapsing to the ground, on Sept. 11, 2001 - well, all those images are burned forever into my mind.

I state without fear of contradiction that we the people of the United States of America want our sons and daughters brought home. Now.

If their lives are to be sacrificed in war, let it be to a war that has meaning for the American people beyond the price of gasoline at the pump.

Politicians, listen up. Is that too difficult a concept for you to understand?

--Charlie Ellsworth


* * *

Early immigrants

got little help

I am writing in regards to the letter on April 16 titled "Early immigrants received little help."

My father's family came to the United States from Germany. They also had to stay at Ellis Island until they were sure they had no diseases. They had to have a sponsor and learn English.

When my father was 18, he joined the Army and fought in the Spanish American War. When he got out, he worked in the coal mines until he got a lung disease. Even then, he still didn't ask for assistance. By then, my brothers were old enough to work and they supported my folks.

I agree with everything the author said. Way to go.

--Eliz Beatty


* * *

Butterfield has

what it takes

One of the most important things we are involved in is the criminal justice system. A good criminal justice system must be a balanced system.

It has to have a strong law enforcement component, adequate jail and prison facilities, good and fair judges.

The other important part of a balanced criminal justice system is the prosecution component.

This is accomplished by electing a strong and effective district attorney. We have that opportunity in Polk County at this time. Stan Butterfield has the ability and the expertise to help our criminal justice system be one of the finest in the state.

--Mike Propes


* * *

Clinton is best

choice for Dems

In the last month Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both visited Oregon. The events they held could not provide a clearer contrast between the two.

Clinton talked about green jobs, Oregon's leadership on environmental issues, and problems facing Oregon's people.

Hillary has been attacked ruthlessly this past year. Her character, family and clothing have been mocked. She is still fighting, as she has clear ideas on how to best lead our nation.

I encourage you to vote for Hillary. She's the candidate who will do the best job in Washington, D.C.

--Mary Walker


* * *

Fagan's leadership

a strong attribute

I attended the recent Chamber of Commerce meeting. I had no idea of the qualifications of the three candidates for District Attorney.

Each of the men were respectful of each other, and did a good job of describing their experience and plans if elected.

Members of the audience asked questions of how they would handle certain problems if elected.

I was impressed with Mike Fagan's leadership and financial experience, and his goal of educating assistant district attorneys to be fearless in court.

Not only will I be voting for him, but I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation.

--Barb Chrisman


* * *

Felton has needed

experience for job

I have been a Deputy District Attorney in Polk County for nearly five years. I have known Aaron Felton during those years. He is the most qualified candidate running for district attorney.

I support Aaron because he has the experience necessary to do the job. He has shown tremendous leadership in mentoring newer attorneys like me.

I also support Aaron because he has shown realistic vision for the future. He has told us what he would and could do, not just make promises that no district attorney could ever keep.

Aaron Felton should be the next District Attorney.

--Timothy Park


* * *

WWII veterans

deserve our thanks

Our World War II veterans are dying at the rate of 100 per day. We owe them everything we have, and there is a way to try to thank them.

"Honor Flight" is an organization that takes elderly and disabled World War II veterans to visit the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., at no charge for those who could otherwise not go.

If there ever was an appropriate way to say "thank you" to these veterans, this is it.

The web site is: http://www.honorflight.org/

Be sure to get this exact address as there are "for profit" groups out there with similar names that charge for the trip. Note the ".org." The real Honor Flight takes these terminally ill and World War II vets at no charge.

A second program they have is to borrow the memorial flag given at a deceased veteran's funeral, put it in a shadow box and take a photo of that flag in front of the World War II Memorial. The flag and photo are then given to the family - a wonderful gesture for those who have passed on.

I urge you to consider donating to this worthy and urgent cause. These veterans literally saved the world, and we owe them.

--Fred Brown


* * *

Longtime resident

ready to serve

My name is Craig Pope, and I am running for Oregon House District 23. It has long been my passion to serve the community, the county and Oregon.

With a background that includes more than 40 years of work in Willamette Valley agriculture, I believe I know the district and the people that live in it better than any candidate today.

We need legislators with the common sense and courage to prioritize government management and spending, legislative policy, and leaders who will deal honestly and fairly with everyone.

I worked for more than 20 years on my family grass seed farm, a large container nursery and Christmas tree producer. Most recently I've spent 20 years as the owner of Agriweld Inc., designing and producing machinery for Willamette Valley agriculture.

I have been elected and appointed to several posts, and have held leadership positions in many of those roles. My volunteer experience has great depth, and it is a very important part of the qualifications for any candidate that seeks an office that is not paid.

I will bring sound management practices and deliberate decision making to the office. I will make a difference in the legislative process by asking the hard questions and helping to achieve the best answers and solutions possible for my constituents. I firmly believe my record reflects that kind of leadership and I am confident that I am the best person to represent District 23 in Salem. Look for my background information and issues statement at www.friendsofcraigpope.com.

Please support me with your vote as your next Representative for House District 23.

--Craig Pope


* * *

Former president

best of the best

The critics who watch for Bill Clinton to make mistakes are missing the 99.9 percent good he's doing for Hillary and anyone who wants to learn how to run for public office.

In Monmouth on Saturday, the overflow crowd went wild when Clinton came on stage; but then he held their attention with spellbinding explanations of Hillary's economic proposals and talked about Oregon as if he were a native son.

What came across was tremendous generosity. Clinton took plenty of time to share his knowledge and made it meaningful to the local population.

He was running late but still went to the rope line afterward and showed his mastery at eye contact and shaking hands across several rows of people.

In the disabled section he leaned so far over the rope line to reach a motorized wheelchair that he nearly fell into the crowd.

Not missing a beat, he saw my sister's "Hillary hat" and said, "Thanks for wearing the hat."

Clinton gave his all to this small American town. Anyone who wants a good lesson at how to bring issues to the people should not miss a chance to see the best of the best - Bill Clinton - at work.

--Rosanne Royer


* * *

Felton has plan

for DA office

When I was a social worker for Child Protective Services in Dallas in the early 2000s, I had the honor of working with Aaron Felton as Polk County's Assistant District Attorney.

I stood alongside Aaron in the courtroom, observing a man who understood the law and was tough on crime.

Aaron believes "If you do the crime, you do the time."

He makes sure support is there in the community for people to turn their lives around and become law-abiding citizens.

Aaron Felton has been our Assistant District Attorney, and he walks his talk. Vote Aaron Felton on May 20.

--Linda L. Seidel



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