Dallas begins own dog licensing program

DALLAS -- The city of Dallas beginning today (Wednesday, Aug. 6) will start licensing dogs for city residents.


In Dallas, Community Service Officer Todd Pendley is assigned to animal control.

DALLAS -- The city of Dallas beginning today (Wednesday, Aug. 6) will start licensing dogs for city residents.

For more than 40 years, the city has provided some level of animal control as a service to residents of the Dallas community, but dog licensing was not among them. Dog owners who purchased a license, as required by state law, were forced to turn to Polk County for their licenses.

Now the city of Dallas will begin providing dog licensing as an expansion of the police department's animal control program. On July 7, the Dallas City Council unanimously approved a new city ordinance requiring dog licensing within the city. A key element of the ordinance is the requirement to provide certification of rabies vaccination prior to licensing, which helps protect public health.

The city and county will be working together to ensure that licenses previously purchased by Dallas residents from Polk County will be honored until their expiration date.

Additionally, the city will be conducting a door-to-door and media campaign to help educate residents about the new licensing requirements and also offer limited amnesty to help residents comply with the new ordinance.

The intent is to increase awareness and give dog owners in the city an opportunity to license their dogs to avoid facing a potential fine for failing to license, said Dallas Police Deputy Chief Tom Simpson. The licensing fee schedule established by the city council is consistent with Polk County, and varies depending on whether or not a dog is fertile, and whether or not a dog has microchip identification.

For more information: Capt. Justin Stevenson, 503-831-3516.


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