8/20 Pedee News: Nola Womer

The pink and white bouquet on the piano at Pedee Memorial Evangelical Church Sunday, Aug. 10, was still very pretty from last Sunday as was the mixed bouquet on the table in the foyer.

Pastor Lonnie Burbank had the help of Aaron Burbank and Dan Hayes for the worship service. The first hymn was "Great is Thy Faithfulness."

Among the visitors were Leo and Vicki Wood from Las Vegas, who came with Vicki's mother, Pat Lyday. Vicki told about their accident on their last trip when their car was destroyed but they were not injured.

The pastor closed the requests and praise with prayer. His message, "God In Disguise," was from John 15: 9-16. The pastor closed his message and the service with prayer.

The cookie fellowship, which included punch and coffee, was shared in the foyer.


Rene Ronco and her friend Koos from Amsterdam, Netherlands, visited her father Paul Ronco and other relatives on Sunday, Aug. 10. Rene is staying with her father and visiting her mother, Betty Ronco, at the Dallas Care Center. Koos is staying at Lake Oswego.


Carla Burbank, who fell in her house some time ago, broke the large bone in her shoulder. She called 9-1-1 and was taken to Salem Hospital. Her husband, Wes Burbank, is slowly recovering from a huge blood clot in his leg.


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