12/31 Letters to the Editor

*County's road crews do great job during storm*Farmer has right to make his living*Thanks to Dallas good Samaritan*Dedicated worker will be missed*City staff comes through for many*Volunteers made a b

County's road crews do

a great job during storm

I just wanted to thank the Polk County road crew for the hard work they put in to keep the roads clear during the recent winter storms.

Polk County roads were maintained better than city of Salem streets, and Salem has far more resources.

Keep up the good work.

Alice Bibler


Farmer has right

to make his living

This is in regards to Julian LaFayette Jr. and the propane cannon issue in Independence.

I purchased one of the new homes in the development that abuts the land he is and has been farming. I would just like to say that agriculture has long been a foundation of Independence and the wonderful way of life here.

If you don't like it, then maybe a home elsewhere would be better than infringing on an existing practice.

The propane cannon is a far more humane resolution that killing the geese, which he can't do.

Kudos to Julian and his contributions to our community.

John Petersen


Thanks to Dallas

good Samaritan

I want to send a sincere thank you to the gentleman who helped get my car unstuck along Main Street the night of Dec. 22.

My fiance and I parked along the street in a spot that we thought looked a little better than the other available spaces that were full of plowed snow. When we went to leave, we realized we had made a very bad decision.

This wonderful man drove by and saw us struggling and didn't hesitate to pull over and help push the car in the snow and freezing cold.

If it weren't for his generosity and thoughtfulness, we might still be there trying to work out of the mess. It is people like you that make Dallas such a wonderful place to live. Thank you.

Randi Harris


Dedicated worker

will be missed

United States Postal sales and service associate Patty Hurst retired Dec. 24.

She had worked at the Independence Post Office for 24 years and had been my backup when I was on vacation or out of the office.

Patty has had several assignments from the district office and worked as Officer-In-Charge (OIC) at the Scotts Mills Post Office.

Most importantly, I'm going to miss her for her hard work, dedication to the U.S. Postal Service, and to the Independence community.

Good luck, Patty. You will be missed.

Sue Burge, Postmaster


City staff comes

through for many

Due to the snow and ice, the city of Dallas had low turnouts for a breakfast event and then a dinner event just before the Christmas holiday.

The city staff offered the excess food to West Valley Housing Authority's low-income elderly and disabled residents of LaCreole Manor. This was a life saver to many who had not been able to get out to a store due to the weather.

I want to publicly say a great big "thank you" as the food served a great need, especially for our mobility impaired residents.

Thanks, city of Dallas.

Linda Jennings


Volunteers made

a big difference

Many people are tucking Christmas away into cozy little boxes now, but we cannot until we do one thing more.

The Salvation Army needs to say a big thank you to everyone who assisted us during Christmas 2008.

The Christmas Red Kettle fundraising drive will help hundreds of people in our community in 2009. It would not have been a success without the generous help we received from our Dallas Advisory Committee, Dallas Resource Center, and the many volunteers.

If you rang the bell as a volunteer for us this Christmas season, we want you to know that we sincerely appreciate you. Your efforts will work a blessing for many people in the coming months.

Thank you so much.

Tim Engstrom


Community pulls

together to cope

During our recent snow and ice storms, many of our public servants and other hard-working volunteers were on the job to help keep us and our homes warm, safe and dry.

Those times we ventured out for groceries, other shopping or to run errands, we saw police and firefighters, utility workers and city and county service crews all working together to do their best to make life more comfortable for all of us.

We received our newspaper nearly every day, and the mail was always delivered -- no easy task for anyone on many of these days.

Thank you to Brandt's for working extra hard to pick up our recycling and trash during this time as well.

This unusual stormy weather brought out the best in our communities, with neighbors checking on one another and offering assistance if needed.

Thank you to everyone who went beyond the extra mile to provide all those necessary services. We appreciate your hard work and service very much.

Don and Patty Dutcher



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