Pedee News: Nola Womer

Those at the celebration of Betty Ronco's birthday on Dec. 29 at Murphy's Grill in Dallas were son Brad and Kathy Ronco, daughters Brenda Ronco, Renee Ronco and friend Koos, and Jill, Spencer, Jeffrey, Ryan and Alyssa Jones.

The next day, grandson Jason and Cassandra, Kaliyah, Jacob, Megan and William had another gathering for her birthday. This time Betty's daughter, Margaret, and Jim Jarvis and daughter Caitlin were there, as were Betty's grandson, Alan, and Jolene Ronco, Eva and Becca.


An annual New Year's Day family get-together was held at the home of Lyle and Teri Burbank in Philomath. Those gathering for dinner and visiting were Alma and Bill Clark of Vancouver, Wash.; Laura Dyer of Monmouth; Aaron Burbank of Pedee; Lon and Pam Burbank of Pedee; Ann, Bob, Kevin and Brian Parker of Corvallis; Chuck and Gail Goetzinger of Kings Valley; and Greta Smith from Sweet Home.


Paul and Arlene Kovash have had a round of holiday visiting so far in 2008.

They visited friends Glen and Loydee Stonebrink of Rickreall for a New Year's Eve dinner and card game, then visited friends Jim and Donna Wernz of Philomath on New Year's Day to watch college football bowl games, eat and visit.

On Jan. 6, they went with daughters Suzanne and Lorraine and their families to Wilsonville, where all got together with the John Kovash family for a holiday game of bowling and exchanging of Christmas gifts.


There was snow on the foothills above Pedee Creek Valley but none at the Pedee Church on Jan. 6 for the first Sunday of the New Year. The "read through" the Bible in 2008 Scriptures were available. The Sunday reading covers the Psalms through the year.

Pastor Lon Burbank had the help of Aaron Burbank and Dan Hayes for the few songs of praise. The first was "Wonderful Words of Life."

The pastor reminded attendees that Evangelical church missionaries to Bolivia, Gordon and Niki Elliot, would be at the 10 a.m. service on Jan. 27.

Glenda Bush had the lesson and activities for children's church.

Various needs and cause for praise were given before the pastor closed with prayer and benediction.

The pastor's message "We Promise" had the scripture reading Nehemiah 10:28-29. Nehemiah came to Jerusalem to help rebuild the walls and city and once more establish God's law and obey it. Do we promise to obey and serve during the New Year?


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