7/16 Pedee News: Nola Womer

My sister, Nila Shellenbarger of Monmouth, who has been having treatment at the Dallas Village Health Center, was able to join other relatives at her home to watch the Western Days Fourth of July Parade.

Her son, Lonnie Shellenbarger of Oregon City, came by Dallas and brought her to Monmouth. Others there to watch the parade with Nila were her former daughter-in-law Linda Shellenbarger of Oregon City, her granddaughter Joni Anderson, Lonnie Shellenbarger and myself.

After the parade, Larry and Mary Shellenbarger, who rode in the parade, were also there. Larry and Lonnie took Nila back to Dallas later that afternoon.

On July 8, Nila moved to Raintree Manor in Dallas for continued care.


Jerry Mentzer, president of the Polk County Saddle-ites Saddle Club, rode with five other members in the Fourth of July Parade in Monmouth and Independence.

Charm Weller of Pedee, Dave Dodson and Malinda Bermudez of Independence, and Larry and Mary Shellenbarger of Buena Vista, were the other members riding.

Larry carried the American flag.

The Shellenbarger family and other area residents who had an interest in horses and riding formed the Polk County Saddle-ites Saddle Club in the early 1950s. The saddle club has 14 members and meets monthly in Independence.


The worship service at Pedee Memorial Evangelical Church on July 6 opened with all standing and giving the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag, Christian Flag and the Bible.

The Vacation Bible School decorations at the front of the sanctuary were still in place. Pastor Lonnie Burbank thanked Stacy Wiedenmann and all her assistants for their work during VBS and the children for their help during the program June 29.

Pastor Burbank reminded everyone about Pacific Conference Summer Conference July 20-23 at the Jennings Lodge Assembly Grounds.

Aaron Burbank and Dan Hayes assisted the pastor with the worship service. Glenda Bush had the children for their study and activities. The offertory hymn was "Trust and Obey." The pastor's message was "In God We Trust" from Mark 1: 21-39. The scripture tells of Jesus healing and other miracles in Galilee. "Do we trust Jesus?" The service closed with prayer and benediction.


I want to thank all who helped with the Evangelical Women's January to June offering for the New Mexico Kirtland Hope Church's outreach to Navajo youth. I sent $154 to help. The offering received during the second half of the year will be sent in November.


Join relatives and friends to help Ted W. Jones celebrate his 90th birthday Saturday, July 19, from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Pedee Women's Club, 12491 Kings Valley Highway, next to the fire station. No gifts, please; cards and photos are welcomed. For more information: 503-838-2188.


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