7/23 Letters to the Editor

Time isn't right

for M-I rec center

I was recently approached by petitioners seeking my signature to put a recreation center up for a vote in Monmouth and Independence.

Please read very carefully every document before you decide to sign. Focusing exclusively on a new recreation center is naive.

Once a recreation district is created, any recreation activity or facility can ask for public money. Even if this movement starts with a simple recreation center -- and a swimming pool isn't simple -- it wouldn't stop there. Most assuredly other recreation agendas will come along, all asking for public money.

A recreation center, with or without a pool, belongs squarely in the pocketbooks of the private sector rather than in the taxpayer's purse.

If the community is truly in love with the idea of a recreation center, then the community will come forward and participate voluntarily. No vote would be necessary. Forced participation through public money (i.e. taxes, obligation bonds and the like) should be reserved for public need, not community want.

The current economy with increasing gas and food prices doesn't suggest this is the right time to "play around."

Lori Anderson


Racism behind

voting excuses

I am amazed at how many excuses people make to not vote for Barack Obama.

"He is Muslim or has ties to radicals" or "Michelle did the 'terrorist fist bump' or used whitey."

All are false. These folks settle for more disastrous Bush via McCain.

Why? Because many people are too cowardly to admit their racism and fear of a very smart, patriotic Black American. Years of fear-mongering by the Republicans has worked just fine.

Americans are too timid to slip out of their sheep's clothing and vote for desperately needed change. We can kiss the American pioneer spirit goodbye.

Fred Brown


Success of


programs questioned

Adding to rotten economics in 2008, there is now a statewide epidemic where millions of dollars are spent through diversion programs, treatment programs, and psychiatric care.

Forty to seventy percent of the folks who defeat addictions do it themselves. The above methods are largely ineffective because an addict has a choice to not use. The system takes that freedom away at the expense of taxpayers' funds, only to spit addicts back out into society for another round in the cycle.

If an addict thinks he can't quit, let him pay his debt in consequences. Only he can choose to save himself. I tried recovery groups but the list of successful self-helpers far exceeds the number of recovery group members who defeat their addictions for good.

I'm told I'm not a real alcoholic and in denial. You're right on the former account, because I quit. As for the latter, denial means thinking something isn't so when it is. Addicts know exactly what they're doing and why. So did I. Two divorces, poor health, debt, and damaged internal organs granted me plenty of awareness.

Recovery group members should consider getting a Ph.D. in sobriety -- Phormer Drunk.

Wendell E. Goff


PCHS thankful for


grant award

The Polk County Historical Society wishes to thank the Dallas Community Foundation for the recent grant we received.

We are the proud owners of a cart for our heavy tables, and a cart for our chairs used for programs held monthly at the museum.

The volunteers of the historical society are so pleased with your interest in our program at the museum, as shown by your recent investment toward our needs. Many thanks.

Rita Montgomery


Community center

needed in Dallas

I have followed, with some interest, the discussions about a new senior center for Dallas -- mostly because I know how badly the library needs more space.

After considering the possibilities, it makes no sense to me to build a separate senior center. It should be part of a larger community center.

We are all part of the same community. I can see no good reason to have a special facility for people because they are older.

We all learned to share when we were young, and should be setting the example for the community. Certainly a group of adults, with many years of life experience, can share a facility and plan their own activities.

As I approach my 65th birthday, I will vote against any senior center which is not part of a larger community center.

Dale Derouin


Archival gift helps

to fulfill mission

The Polk County Historical Society has received $1,500 for our archival project. We are most pleased to be able to continue fulfilling one of our several missions -- that of preserving and protecting the many valuable materials that have been donated to our museum.

The many volunteers at the museum work hard and put in a great many hours to file these materials, and a great many files and boxes were needed to do the job.

The funds are being used to purchase such files and we are most grateful to the Polk County Cultural Coalition to allow us to continue our work. We wish to thank you most sincerely for considering and granting the funds for this project.

Monty Montgomery



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