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I have some beautiful lupine plants that have grown quite large. I would like to transplant them. I have heard that lupine is a fussy plant, and I am afraid I will lose it if I transplant it.


You are correct that lupine is a little tricky to transplant. I wouldn't do anything during the summer. Wait until fall and soak the ground well the night before you plan to dig up the plant.

Make sure you gently dig at least 12 inches surrounding the plant, getting as much root as possible.

Right now your lupine should be showing seed pods. I would remove the pods and dry them in a sealed paper envelope for sowing next spring, just in case your transplant doesn't work out.

After you transplant your lupine be sure to water it as the soil dries out.


I an having trouble with deer eating some of my young fruit trees. A friend suggested that I make a scarecrow and place it near my trees. Will it really help in keeping deer away from the garden?


I think scarecrows do work, especially if you use old clothes that have human scent on them. Also, cut a lightweight plastic bag in strips and tie it on the scarecrow. When the wind blows the plastic will move, keeping the deer at bay.


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