6/4 Letters to the Editor

*Student assistance is much appreciated*Volunteers key to tourney's success*Food bank thanks all who helped*Proposed ordinance not thought out*High school class benefits from help

Volunteers key to

tourney's success

I would like to extend gratitude to all of those who made the Central Youth Sports (CYS) Memorial Day Jamboree a huge success.

This eight-team Minor League tournament was visited by Corvallis and Lincoln City, as well as all six CYS teams.

Tournament coordinator Ragan McBeth spent countless hours coordinating this event that ran smoothly and was fun for all that attended. A "thank you" is not enough for all the work and time Ragan put in to make this event a success.

Brooks and Terry's Espresso, Polk County Firefighters and Brandt's Sanitary Services made this event possible as our tournament sponsors.

Lesli Cable was in charge of our concessions for the weekend and worked tirelessly to feed the hungry crowds.

Our umpires made for a fun-filled event, with special thanks to Jim Genera and all the others that spent hours at the field.

Thank you to Glen Ingebrigtsen, Espen Stormo, Neil Olsen and Tom Stutzman for their hard work and dedication to our fields.

We had many others that helped with field preparation and maintenance, all of whom made our facilities shine and made CYS proud.

Thank you all.

Becky Thomas


Proposed ordinance

not well thought out

The property maintenance ordinance proposed for Independence that will regulate the interior and exterior appearance of commercial and single family dwellings is flawed.

This ordinance change will open opportunity for search and seizure of unrelated items as well as allowing law enforcement to enforce what "looks to be" an opinion-driven ordinance.

This proposed ordinance is not well thought out.

Brandon Doeden


High school class

benefits from help

As another school year unbelievably comes to a close, I feel it necessary to take a moment to publicly thank a few individuals who have been an instrumental part of my Anatomy and Physiology course over the last several years.

From the Dallas Animal Clinic, I would like to thank doctors Chad McGuire and William Fullmer, who have rearranged their schedules to come in and share their knowledge of select body systems and have made countless phone calls and trips to procure organs for study and dissection for my students.

From West Valley Hospital, physical therapist Troy Hattan, who has also rearranged his schedule numerous times to discuss skeletomuscular diseases and sports injuries with my anatomy students.

And, from Western Oregon University, Dr. Irja Galvan, who has graciously fit in my anatomy classes between her lecture schedules to allow them to come and visit the cadaver lab.

Each of these individuals has spared precious time and supplemented my curriculum in a way that I could not possibly have done by myself.

So, I thank you profusely for your time and efforts on behalf of the students. We have a great community that is willing to share of themselves to help others.

Janelle Ussery


Student assistance

is much appreciated

I am a mom of five with not a lot of time to do yard maintenance.

There recently was a group of college students that came through my neighborhood asking if I needed any help around the place. They wanted to share their time with someone that could really use it. So, they pulled weeds in my yard and cleaned my gutters. They were all so nice and generous with their time and energy, and I wanted to acknowledge them in some way.

There are not many people out there who are willing to just help others out just to be kind without some sort of financial gain. We need more people out there like this.

I would like to thank these very special angels. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your hard work and help. All seven of you are truly amazing people and we love you. You will always have a place in our hearts and family.

Jule Sourjohn


Food bank thanks

all who helped

A big thank you goes out to all the hard working postal employees who were so wonderful in picking up all the food for our Dallas Food Bank.

There also were many hands that gathered, weighed, packaged, delivered, and did so much more who were not employees of the post office -- a big thank you to you, too.

To all our terrific, wonderful, and generous friends of Dallas and nearby communities, we offer our most humble thank you. Where would we be without you.

There was 8,340 pounds of food as well as cash donated during the event.

How blessed we are. Again we extend our thanks to you.

Betty Krebs-Brennan

Dallas Emergency Food Bank


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