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*Help from many made party a hit*Avenue of Flags a great event*Polk DA candidate thanks supporters*TMS Career Fair is huge success*Staff at Falls City praised for efforts*Tournament help much apprecia

Help from many

made party a hit

What a grand finale was enjoyed by the class of 2008 from Central High School.

Students were able to participate in the Alcohol/Drug Free All-Night Party because so many generous people gave of their time, energy and finances.

We want to thank the local businesses and organizations that provided gifts for the seniors, the companies that provided space and opportunities for our fundraisers, and the parents and friends who worked throughout the year to bring this event to completion.

A huge thank you to all from the 2008 Central High School Grad Party Committee.

Karen Gratreak


Avenue of Flags

a great event

What marvelous community support for the Memorial Day Avenue of Flags Ceremony on May 26.

We (American Legion Post 20 and VFW Post 3203) estimate more than 100 people attended the ceremony. Thank you.

We would also like to again thank Dallas High School for its support and performance; the Boy Scouts for lowering and raising the flag to half staff; the Girl Scouts for placing the small American flags next to veteran's headstones; the two high school students for performing Echo Taps; and Dallas American Legion and VFW members and families for putting up more than 500 flags with a tremendous amount of help from Mike, the cemetery groundskeeper, and his crew.

Several days after the ceremony, Mike and his crew took the time to remove the flags and properly store them for next year.

Thank you to the several city dignitaries who took the time to participate, and to Col. Donald Bond of the National Guard for taking the time to be involved and be our main speaker.

Again, thank you to the Dallas community.

Jess Cagle


DA candidate thanks



I wanted to thank the many people who supported me in the recent primary election for Polk County District Attorney. It was a privilege to be involved in the process.

I am grateful to live in a place where people care so much about our local government.

Obviously, I have been able to pay more attention to the race for District Attorney than almost anyone else in the county. It is my considered opinion that Stan Butterfield is the better candidate. I believe he will be more aggressive in protecting Polk County families.

Mike Fagan

West Salem

TMS Career Fair

huge success

Thank you to all of the presenters who took time out of their busy schedules to share their career with the eighth graders at the Talmadge Middle School Career Fair on May 22.

Students were excited to learn about these careers from actual professionals in the field.

Thank you for making the Talmadge Middle School Career Fair a huge success.

Lyn Jobe


Staff at Falls City

praised for efforts

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Falls City High School.

The last three months of school have been difficult, but through it all you have maintained a positive outlook and provided endless support.

As a group of devoted educators, you have helped prepare our students for the world ahead of them. From weekend excursions to late-night study sessions helping cram for tests and senior project presentations, it has been awesome to witness the energy you have put forth.

Keep up the great work.

Sid Hobgood, principal

Falls City High School

Law may be needed

to limit SMV signs

Driving around Polk County, I notice more and more of the SMV (Slow Moving Vehicle) signs on driveways.

I don't know the laws, but it seems to me that these signs should only be used for SMVs as they are a way for farmers to say, "I'm a tractor and can't go fast, and I also take up a lot of roadway."

When one sees them all over driveways, sooner or later, they lose there importance as SMVs. If there isn't a law prohibiting this practice, then maybe we need one.

Walt Davies


Tournament help

much appreciated

Thank you to all the parents that helped with Dallas' first Junior Baseball Organization (JBO) National and American tournaments. Their field prep work between each of the 32 games was very much appreciated.

Thanks to Greg and Trenda Locke for the concession coordination at both tournaments and everyone that manned them.

A special thanks goes to Bob Tucker, who coordinated umpires for our American tournament. He and Mike Hienrick, Jerry Heffner, Fred Avera, John Burk, Will Morris and Matt Stefani spent the three-day weekend calling our games for us and doing a great job.

The outcome in the American Tournament: Dallas 1, second place; Dallas 2, third place; and Central, fifth place.

Thanks on behalf of Andy Fraizer and myself.

John Strader


Political picture

hits all-time low

Politics ... just when I think it can't get any worse, it does.

We have a president, Mr. Bush, who has an all-time low approval rating. What does "the little cowboy" do? He goes to a foreign country, Israel, and on worldwide TV insults one of our finest Democratic senators, Barack Obama.

He insults his desire to seek peace and stability through dialogue by sitting down with our adversaries and talking to them from our position of strength.

This low, shameful act brings dishonor to the office of the president.

Then you have John McCain expounding on what his term will be like in 2013. How arrogant. I guess he figures he doesn't need the people to vote him in. He will just appoint himself.

Finally, you have Carl Rove, "the Darth Vader of American Politics." George Bush's "Lakey" is at it again. This time, Senator Obama is his target and his political back-stabbing is at its worst. Rove is evil personified.

In Bush and McCain, we have two men with low mental skills and both are loose cannons in this dangerous political world. Both have that dangerous quick temper and the "shoot from the hip" mentality. This is not what we need to solve this world's complex politics and problems.

Sure, we have enemies out there -- of that there is no doubt. We do have the firepower to handle them. But we must be able to talk to them if we are ever going to stop this continual cycle of war and hate.

Paul Kugler



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