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*Noise issue with propane cannons*Butterfield gains support for D.A.*Perrydale event a big success*Hunting feature disturbs reader*Restaurant owners thank community*Photog's work was

Noise issue with

propane cannons

What is up with the propane cannons being used in farmer's fields?

It seems that this just started last year. Now many of the farmer's fields have them.

I understand that they are necessary for their crops, but they are using them at 4 a.m. while people are still sleeping.

My family and I live in Independence because it was a quiet area. Now, I am thinking of moving because of this noise issue.

I have contacted the city of Independence and the Polk County Sheriff's office to no avail.

This is ruining our quality of life in this area.

If your neighbor blasts his/her stereo at 4 a.m., you would expect law enforcement to come and quiet them down.

There is no noise ordinance within Polk County. Can concerned citizens put this on a ballot to alleviate this issue?

--Jim Porter


* * *

Butterfield gains

support for D.A.

Please join me in casting your vote - Stan Butterfield for Polk County District Attorney.

When I was a Polk County Commissioner in the 1990s, the county went to great lengths to encourage and participate in a countywide criminal justice effort.

That effort brought cities, county, juvenile, prosecution, corrections, and the judiciary together in a collaborative effort to combat crime in Polk County.

It is vital that our next District Attorney be an effective member of this team effort. To learn more about him, visit www.Stanbutterfield.com.

--C. Ralph Blanchard


* * *

Perrydale event

a big success

Perrydale Parents' Club would like to thank all of our donors, people who attended the auction, and all the wonderful people who helped to make the Feb. 16 auction happen.

We grossed about $27,000 in support of Perrydale School.

On behalf of the Perrydale Parents' Club, we invite supporters of Perrydale School to help us decide how best to spend that money by attending our PPC meetings the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in Mr. Dugan's room at Perrydale Middle School.

If you have questions or comments, you may contact us at perrydale2007@gmail.com or call 503-831-3303.

--Leanna Deters


* * *

Hunting feature

disturbs reader

As a person who cares deeply about the humane treatment of animals, I find the Itemizer-Observer's "Trophy Corner" feature absolutely sickening.

A more appropriate name for that grisly display of dead and decapitated animals would be "Slaughter Showcase."

The I-O is a wonderful asset to our local communities in many ways, but Trophy Corner isn't one of them.

Please discontinue this ghastly tribute to cruelty and replace it with something kinder and more beneficial. Just don't change it to "Trophy Wives."

--Valerie Hauser


* * *

Restaurant owners

thank community

I am writing on behalf of my family to say thank you to the Dallas community.

We have owned and operated the Dallas Dairy Queen for almost 12 years now. Recently, we have sold the business.

We have met many wonderful people in our time there. This would include both customers and employees.

Thank you, Dallas, for helping us to have a great 12-year adventure. We will continue to operate the Arctic Circle, and hope to serve you there.

--Dean Johnson


* * *

Photog's work was

much appreciated

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your life with us as a community. Having spent some of my days roving Polk County for the Itemizer-Observer, I know the sacrifice you've made.

Family and friends used to say to me, "It must be hard with all those late-night emergencies to cover." But it isn't the floods, car wrecks or fires that makes the job so demanding; it is the greatness of the people who live here. The pie bake at 6:30 p.m., the Saturday quilt show, the city council meeting, church fundraiser, track meet, football game or garden show - all of them worthy of coverage because the people in this community are so dedicated to making Polk County a great place to live.

Coincidentally, these things that may take only a short time to cover often happen right in the middle of dinner or tending your own garden - just enough time out of the day to interfere with starting (or completing) your own projects. It's this dedication to the people of Polk County and their lives that Sarah has shared with us during her tenure at the I-O.

Sure, it was her job, and she picked it, but there is only one of her and so many of us who needed her attention.

Thank you, Sarah, for letting us see our community through your eyes.

--Patrick Farrell



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