3/12 Letters to the editor

*DST: Dark, cold and not worth it*Dallas play a case for arts funding*Former photog earns more praise*Ethanol-laced gas bad for engines*Family, friends thank community

DST: Dark, cold

and not worth it

It's the first day of "daylight savings" this year.

Seven o'clock in the morning. Dark and foggy. This week thousands of our young people will be waiting for school buses in the cold darkness.

It will be even worse next fall when the return to standard time and morning light is delayed until November's chilly rains.

Isn't it time we stopped leaving our young people out in the morning cold for the sake of someone's afternoon barbecue?

--Pat Henderson


* * *

Dallas play a case

for arts funding

On Feb. 29, I had the good fortune to see the Dallas High School musical, "Pirates of Penzance." Being a former pirate myself, I am quite familiar with the material. This performance was exceptionally well done.

Lance Baker, Zach Brehm and Spencer West were all excellent; David Thomas, Alan Cranston and Desiree Friesen were especially outstanding; and Marissa Francom's voice is absolutely heavenly.

The chorus singing was right on rousing. Unlike many high school productions, all of the dancers could dance. The choreography was well-suited for a high school group and flowed naturally with the story.

The pace was always lively and something was always happening. I couldn't have been more impressed or entertained.

This was the first performance of a musical for Dallas High in six years. I hope consistent funding for education in this state can improve.

Quantity in life seems to drive the economy and so we neglect quality of life subjects when funding is tight.

Research suggests that people well acquainted with art, music, theater and dance make healthier, happier and more peaceful citizens.

Surely, that's a worthy investment.

--Jerry Nathan


* * *

Former photog

earns more praise

Former Itemizer-Observer photographer Pat Farrell expressed admiration in his March 5 letter for departing photographer Sarah Hillman.

As former managing editor of the paper, I echo his sentiments. Sarah was brilliant. So was Pat.

Itemizer readers may not be aware how rare it is for community weekly newspapers to have staff photographers, especially of the caliber of Pat and Sarah.

The Itemizer-Observer has consistently spotlighted the finest photojournalism in Oregon, with a line of photographers from Pat Farrell to Daniel Hurst to R. Ashley Smith to Sarah Hillman.

All these "shooters" brought unique visions to Polk County. It was an honor to work with all of them.

While this meeting of the Mutual Admiration Society is still in session, equal praise needs to be given to departing reporter Erin Zysett. Few people have ever approached their jobs with such dedication, passion and commitment. Erin is everything journalism ought to be.

--Tom Henderson

Lewiston, Idaho

* * *

Ethanol-laced gas

bad for engines

To second Ralph Bradford's warning concerns (Feb. 20 Itemizer-Observer Letters to the Editor) regarding the use of ethanol-laced gasoline in outboard motors: the warning applies to other two-stroke engines.

The manufacturer of my chain saw specifically warns against the use of ethanol adulterated gasoline.

According to a saw serviceman, ethanol washes oil off the piston.

Isn't environmentalism wonderful?

--Mark Vimont


* * *

Family, friends

thank community

I would like to thank the community of Monmouth for the recent fundraiser at Rick's Place. We are so blessed by your generosity.

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication to help Darian fight his cancer. Thank you for joining us in this journey. With our deepest appreciation ...

--Craig and Abby King

West Salem


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