11/5 M-I Town column: Patty Taylor Dutcher

It's definitely November in MI Town, with Miss Autumn packing up her bags and getting ready to go away for several months and Old Man Winter not so far from our doors.

This week we're all trying to recuperate from the election hoopla and celebrations -- or mourning -- as the situations may be, and scraping bumper stickers from our cars and front windows.

We're also trying to get used to coming home in the darkness, wondering what time it really is, and did we remember to change all the clocks in the house.


The Monmouth-Independence Community Foundation just brightened lots of corners in the Central School District with funds for Classroom Enrichment Projects.

Ash Creek, Henry Hill, Independence and Monmouth elementary schools, as well as Talmadge Middle School and Central High School, all shared in a most welcome gift of $8,200. Since the Foundation was established in 2001, a total of $42,000 in grants have been donated for these classroom enrichment projects.

Contributions to the MI Community Foundation are tax deductible, and your money stays in MI Town. The Foundation supports other worthy local organizations as well and you can learn more about getting involved at their web site: www.mifoundation.net.


Last week's Itemizer-Observer listed many community bazaars that will be held in the coming weeks. All of them look very tempting indeed and the best thing about shopping for Christmas or birthdays or just for fun at our local bazaars is that the money spent goes to our residents and local organizations.

Many grown children and grandchildren as well as nieces and nephews really enjoy receiving something that is unique and different. It's a lot of fun to watch them put aside the bigger gift items in favor of toys and other things handmade by our local craftsmen and women. Shopping locally is also an excellent way to stretch your money -- and that's something we are all looking for in these uncertain and often scary days.


And speaking of handmade items ... some lucky winner of the Monmouth Senior Center Quilt Raffle will take home a gorgeous handmade quilt on Nov. 15. Raffle tickets are for sale for $1 each or six for $5. Proceeds benefit the senior center building fund. The quilt is on display at Rick's Place Coffee Shop in Monmouth. What a wonderful gift idea -- or a special present to yourself.


We've sure enjoyed our WOU Wolves football season and bid the outgoing graduating seniors a fond farewell at the final game against Humboldt State this past Saturday.

MI Town's Central High School Panthers have had a remarkable regular season, finishing 4-0 in league play and 10-0 overall.

We are so fortunate to have so many good programs at both WOU and CHS, where students are encouraged and welcome to participate in team and individual sports. Let's do our best to support our kids and friends and neighbors and help encourage these programs. Check both schools' web sites for schedules and more information.


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