Festival helps ease change of seasons

There comes a time each year when even the diehards among us have to face the truth: Summer is slipping away.

That time is next week as September fades into October, which undeniably carries the tag of autumn.

We can forget about those camping trips we never got around to taking, and soon we can put away the lawnmowers and pull out the leaf rakes. Sunny days may still tease us, but the air has a different feel to it and evening sneaks up all too soon.

What happened? Weren't we just enjoying Summerfest and the county fair?

Fortunately, Independence provides us a way to hang on for a little longer with its wonderful Hop & Heritage Festival. On Sept. 26-28, things will he hoppin,' complete with the traditional Ghost Walk, Saturday night fireworks and everything in between.

The Itemizer-Observer will publish a special guide to the festivities in next week's edition.

Cheer up, diehards. This splendid end-of-summer celebration comes with a likelihood of nice weather -- and a 100 percent guarantee of fun.


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