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4/8 Letters to the Editor

*Many make LVCS auction a success*Foundation grant helps feed needy*Postmaster will always love town*Store owner has old-time spirit*Grant helps Lyle's budding gardeners*

Many make LVCS

auction a success

The 2009 Luckiamute Valley Charter School Dinner/Auction held April 3 was a huge success. Held at the Polk County Fairgrounds, it was a sold out show feeding 350 people. We'll shoot to seat 450 next year.

I want to personally thank Cari Lime, Amy Gilson, Herman Davis and their wonderful crew of chef's in the kitchen. Without you and all your wonderfulness this wouldn't have been possible. Dinner was outstanding.

Thank you to Sara Brian, Lyn VanDusen, Cali Beasley, Carrie Phillips, Jenny Peyton, Cathy Abernathy and the Bennett Family for all your hard work putting together the auction, the dessert table, and running the show.

We have a fabulous team at LVCS and without that we couldn't pull off raising the money we did. The students that came and helped out did a great job. Thank you to all the businesses in our community that graciously supported our event and helped to make things happen. And thank you to the Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce for being there to cheer us on. Your support for the school has meant so much.

It was a wonderful night. Can't wait for next year.

Kristi Reed

LVCS PTC President


Foundation grant

helps feed needy

Willamette Valley Food Assistance Program (WVFAP) would like to take this opportunity to thank the Dallas Community Foundation for the generous $1,500 grant which was awarded April 1.

Even though the state of our economy is in serious trouble, the Dallas Community Foundation still finds a way to continue to help those in our community through their grant programs. The foundation truly cares for this community, and for that we are very grateful.

This funding will be used to continue our food collection and distribution project. WVFAP is currently feeding more than 300 needy families a week.

Kathy Chiles


Postmaster will

always love town

I would like to thank everyone that took part in my retirement from the Independence Post Office on March 31. It was a very special day that was made even more special by the show of support from the community.

Independence has been a great place to work and raise my family. There are so many wonderful people, I can't possibly name them. Customers became dear friends over the course of 22 1/2 years -- from the customer who brought me homemade soup when I was sick, to the many smiling faces who brightened my days.

You really know you're in a special community when you go through a tragedy and people show up to support you. After a house fire in 2006, I learned what community was all about. I can't tell you all the kindnesses that came my way, but there were many.

From the customer who ran out and bought me scissors when I made an offhand comment that it's the little things you miss, to the neighbors who kept our freezer plugged in to their home by an extension cord for more than seven months, to the dear friend who brought me her flannel pajamas when it was 100 degrees outside, to the friend who dropped everything to fix the water heater in our RV, to special friends who gave me the most amazing housewarming gift when I moved home, to my employees that kept things running so I could deal with insurance companies, and to my children who held me up when I got down.

Independence will remain my home ... I can't imagine leaving.

Serving this community as your postmaster has been an amazing ride. I want to thank all of you for the honor. There is a great group of people at the Independence Post Office who will continue to serve you well.

Sue Burge

Retired Postmaster


Store owner has

old-time spirit

Do you know that customer service is not dead in Dallas? It's so refreshing.

I was pulling my car away from Ray's Hardware last week after finding the doors locked after closing. I heard a shout and stopped the car. Ray had unlocked the door, come out onto the sidewalk, and flagged me down.

"Did you need something? I don't want you to go away without whatever you might need," Ray said.

I thought I'd slipped back a couple decades to storefronts on Main Street in Dallas who knew what customer service meant. Owners would often unlock their front door for a customer, whether they preferred to go home after a long day or not.

Thanks, Ray.

Caroline Buchanan


Grant helps Lyle's

budding gardeners

The Lyle Elementary School community would like to thank the Dallas Education Fund for awarding us a grant for $500.

With the money we were able to purchase a shed to house tools and supplies for our "Quiet Park" gardens. We also plan to replace worn out hand tools and purchase kid-sized rakes, shovels and hoes.

We have worked hard to establish an outside classroom area that allows for science and agricultural exploration, as well as a place of beauty.

The staff and students at Lyle Elementary thank you again for supporting our school.

Mickie French


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