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*Meyer an excellent choice for board*Evans will bring leadership to board*Where's respect among teens?*Meyer deserves re-election support*Please help with big food drive*Thanks, Dallas,

Meyer an excellent

choice for board

In current times, what we need in our community leaders is someone who really cares, has no personal gain in mind, and knows the issues.

That is what Lu Ann Meyer brings in her bid for re-election to the Dallas School Board.

We had the privilege of working recently with Lu Ann on growth issues in our local school system. She was a strong leader, level headed, articulate and focused.

My wife, Mary, and I endorse her bid for re-election to the Dallas School Board, and suggest you vote for her as well.

Wayne Swanson


Evans will bring

leadership to board

With great pleasure, I am endorsing Paul Evans for Position 3 on the Central School Board.

Paul brings to the position proven leadership ability garnered from his lifetime of public service.

Having served the Central School District, the city of Monmouth, the state of Oregon, and his country, Paul Evans knows how to evaluate needs, map strategies, and establish partnerships to solve problems. Even in a time of difficult budgetary decisions, he will make our schools safer, smarter, and more competitive.

Elect Paul Evans to the Central School Board. His experiences guarantee leadership for a change.

Molly Mayhead


Where's respect

among teens?

With the beautiful weather we've been having, I have found myself outside tending to my yardwork.

Unfortunately, the beauty of a recent day was ruined by several different teenagers that walked past my home. The language coming from their mouths was unbelievable and without embarrassment. Others walked by playing music very loudly with the same crude language.

What is going on with our youth? Does the crude language make them feel better about themselves? Their "music" just fuels the fire.

I had fun as a teenager, but I had self respect and respect for those around me. I was taught this at home and in school. What future do our young have without respect?

Our country is in dire shape. Parents, please set aside quality time for your children. Teach them respect for themselves and others. Keep Dallas a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

Joann Cannon


Meyer deserves

re-election support

I am writing in enthusiastic support of Lu Ann Meyer for re-election to the Dallas School Board.

She is a tireless advocate for children, the excellence of our school system, and the advancement of our community as a whole.

In an era of constrained budgets which tempt pessimism, Lu Ann remains an energetic optimist, a welcome helping hand boosting the spirit and achievement of our local schools.

Your vote to continue her service would be a wise move.

Brian Dalton


Please help with

big food drive

The time is almost here for our much appreciated "Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive" on May 9. Are you ready? We are.

We are so grateful for the hard work of our postal employees and those who help.

Maybe you could examine the dates on the cans and be sure they are not outdated. This eliminates our volunteers, who are busy giving out boxes, from having to look at each can. Thanks for that effort.

We have been so blessed by our community. The different food drives have been so exceptional. Many stores continue to help us out. Please continue to do this. Our churches are so faithful to us. Again, thank you.

My desire is to mention each and every one of you individually, but there's not enough room. So, if I haven't thanked you with a note of thanks, please accept my thanks now.

If it weren't for all of you who are so generous with your checks and food contributions, we'd be in pretty bad shape considering all the new clients we have. But thanks to you, we can take care of those in need of food.

We do not charge for our food, and our clients receive three to five days of needed food.

Our goal is to feed the hungry -- and we hope and pray that is what we are doing.

Betty Krebs-Brennan


Thanks, Dallas, for

the new playground

I want to thank the city of Dallas workers for the new playground on Birch Street. It is really cool. I've been on it a lot of times. I am very glad that they didn't wreck the swings.

Trenton Ensz


Tribal ethics

need watchdog

I recently read a letter in the Itemizer-Observer concerning the conduct of a Tribal Council Member and wondered why there are no consequences for "bad behavior."

Our general council and community members have been aware of, and been victim to, several incidents of "bad behavior" by some of our council members, not only here at home, but at other community meetings, as well.

Being greeted by a council member (unless in executive session) with "are you a tribal member?" is inappropriate, racist, irrelevant and unprofessional.

I recall there were many non-tribal people who were instrumental in helping us accomplish our goal of restoration. Non-tribal people working for the tribe and living in the community are equally concerned, and even passionate, about a successful future for our tribe.

At one time, there was an ethics committee formed and the very people who were responsible for our restoration carefully fashioned ethics ordinances for our tribal council members to abide by. For some reason, the committee is no more and our tribal council is left to police itself.

This obviously doesn't work.

In my opinion, an independent ethics committee should be formed to assure that the ordinances are enforced so the council can be justly held accountable for its actions.

If these ethics ordinances were enforced, perhaps we could all focus our efforts on the betterment of our community.

Virginia Roof

Grand Ronde

Support Meyer for

Dallas School Board

In the May 19 election, I endorse Lu Ann Meyer to serve our children on the Dallas School Board.

Lu Ann has a love for education and the children of Dallas. She always acts in the best interest of the kids.

We are lucky to have Lu Ann in our community to be such a strong advocate and supporter of our children. In the trying times that we are having, I feel it is someone like Lu Ann who will help us get through.

I support Lu Ann Meyer with no reservations.

Weston K. Morrill


Brave Marine

is an inspiration

I had to respond to the letter to the editor from Lance Cpl. Jorel Blocher.

My eyes got misty and my heart swelled with pride to read the words of this brave, hometown soldier.

How wonderful that such a simple gesture of local news meant so much to him. Hopefully, he will continue to receive hometown news so he will know how much his service to our great country means to us.

We're proud of you, Jorel Blocher. May God bless you and safely return you home.

Lisa Mitchell


Figaro's comes

through for MVCA

I would like to thank Steve and Nellie, owners of Figaro's Pizza in Independence, for partnering with Mid-Valley Christian Academy.

Figaro's and MVCA were able to raise close to $500 on April 14 during a pizza night. And, the food was great.

But greater than this was an anonymous donor has decided to match all donations through the end of May, up to $20,000. This means our Figaro's Pizza Night fundraiser has become almost $1,000.

The school is blessed by this opportunity and appreciates the partnership with Figaro's in Independence.

Betty Wiensz



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