1/7 Pedee News: Nola Womer

Spending Christmas Eve with their father Paul Ronco at the family home in Pedee were his daughters Brenda Ronco of Dallas and Renee Ronco of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Joining them on Christmas Day was his wife, Betty Ronco, who is at the Dallas Care Center. Relatives and friends joining for the Christmas activities were their son and daughter-in-law, Brad and Katy Ronco of Falls City and their two sons Alan and Jolene Ronco; Eva and Becca of Pedee; Jason Ronco and son William of Falls City; Margaret and Jim Jarvis, children Brandon, Evan and Catlin of Zig Zag, and Sophie, an exchange student from France who is living with them as she studies this year; Brenda Ronco and her friend Koos of Amsterdam; and Spencer and Jill Jones and their family, Jeff, Ryan and Alyssa, of Pedee.


Spending Christmas Eve with his sister and family, Rick and Angi Graack and Dalton in Aumsville were Spencer and Jill Jones, and Jeff, Ryan and Alyssa Jones from Pedee. Spencer's mother, Kay Jones, who lives in Aumsville, joined them, as did his brother Greg Jones of Silverton.


I spent the day after Christmas with my nephew and niece, Larry and Mary Shellenbarger, who live in Buena Vista.

Their family was finally able to travel through the snow and ice to join them for the Christmas celebration. Joining them were their daughters and their families, Julie and Chris Austin and daughters Paige and Emma of Sherwood, and Joni and Steven Anderson of Hermiston. Lonnie Shellenbarger of Oregon City, his daughter Lindsay Shellenbarger, her friend Peter Gara from San Francisco, and Mary's mother Geri Niccoli joined them, as well.


Pedee Memorial Evangelical Church observed Christmas communion at the 10 a.m. worship service. The piano had Christmas greens on it and the organ had an angel statue. Green and other small, colored balls and other decorations were on the window sills. The small table at the front of the church had the lit white Christmas candle and on each side of it were the communion sets.

Pastor Lonnie Burbank conducted the worship service. It included many Christmas songs that Pam Burbank played on the organ. The pastor closed worship service with prayer.

The scripture reading for "The glory of Christmas" was Matthew 26: 20-30. At the close of the message most gathered at the front of the sanctuary to receive the Christmas communion. Service closed with prayer by the pastor.


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