7/15 Letters to the Editor

*HALO group makes a great impression*Blood donors get special thanks*Council members shirk their duties*Duck race: fun for a good cause*Law finally brings needed certification

HALO group makes

a great impression

Recently, members of the volunteer staff of the Delbert Hunter Arboretum had the pleasure of working with a group of young adults from the city of Independence's Polk HALO (Help Achieving Lifetime Objectives) Summer Work Program.

Funding for the HALO summer program comes from the federal "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" (stimulus dollars). The goal of the program is to provide work experience, industry-specific skills and leadership.

We were impressed by the work ethic and willingness to do whatever was asked of them. However, we were most impressed by the attitude of the HALO team. They came to work and were a joy to work with. They showed respect to the arboretum volunteers, their crew leaders, and to each other.

If there was any rancor amongst the group, it was not apparent to anyone outside the group. In short, the HALO team was fun to work with.

A special thanks is due the three crew leaders, each a prominent member of the Western Oregon University football team. Their dedicated leadership was an inspiration to all concerned.

Were we in a position to hire someone, we would not hesitate to hire any one of this particular HALO group. We are confident that the young adults hired by HALO will gain skills that will make them employable.

From the arboretum volunteers, thank you HALO.

Paul Mannen


Blood donors get

special thanks

I wish to thank all the loyal blood donors who participate in the Dallas Community Blood Drive at the Presbyterian Church. We collected 46 pints of blood on June 29.

Congratulations go to David Hiebenthal, who achieved a special donation goal of 17 gallons. He first donated when in the military. When he returned home to Dallas, he worked for Caterpillar, where blood drives were held for employees in their break room.

His goal at that time was to give enough blood to fill a five-gallon cream can. Donating became such a habit that he now gives regularly, every two months.

Thanks to David and all our blood donors who come so faithfully and give so much to help others.

Pauline Trom


Council members

shirk their duties

It seems like members of our Falls City Council do not take their oath of responsibility seriously and refuse to participate in their required duties. They are assigned to chair committees and be part of others.

One example is our Streets Committee. The chairperson got elected knowing their responsibilities, yet refuses to chair this committee.

Excuses from not having time to not being qualified are not valid. If you are qualified enough to sit on the City Council and make decisions that affect the whole town, then you are qualified to chair your committee.

It is not up to anyone on the council to cancel meetings or not show up or not know when these meetings take place. These committees bring important issues and recommendations to the council for discussion and approval. Either carry out your sworn duties or tender your resignation so people who will do the job will have a chance.

Robert Smera

Falls City

Duck race: fun

for a good cause

I am excited about the first Summerfest Duck Race being sponsored by the Dallas Lions Club. We hope to raise $1,000 for a scholarship for a Dallas High School senior.

It will be interesting to see how the toy ducks can float down the creek in the low water of July.

You can get the chance to decorate your duck by paying $10, instead of $2 for the chance to win great prizes. Some are planned to be green and yellow, and others orange and black.

Thanks to the community businesses that have offered prizes.

Barbara A. Chrisman


Law finally brings

needed certification

Finally, not just anyone can claim to be a social worker.

If you receive help from someone calling themselves a social worker, wouldn't you expect them to have the appropriate education and training? Until now, Oregon was one of few states that did not offer such protection.

One of the best consumer laws passed this year by the Oregon Legislature is SB177b, guaranteeing that anyone who uses the title "social worker" has a degree in social work and is regulated by the state.

This law also requires a license to practice clinical social work and prevents people with a revoked clinical license from continuing to practice.

As executive director of the Oregon Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, this is a victory for consumers -- and for our profession.

Stacey Skala Orr



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