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*Meyer is a valuable asset on school board*County must address road dust problem*Blanchard's know-how is needed on board*Benefits gravy train hurts school budget *School board needs Hur

Meyer is a valuable

asset on school board

In the May 19 election for Dallas School Board, I endorse Lu Ann Meyer to serve our community on this very important board.

Lu Ann Meyer has demonstrated her caring and respect for our educational needs here in the Dallas community. She is committed to excellent in education and will be very valuable in these difficult economic times as we face some very important decisions for our schools, which face some major cuts.

I encourage you to join me and vote for Lu Ann Meyer.

LaVonne Wilson


County must address

road dust problem

Polk County Commissioners have denied James Davis use of his private property for the second time, due to him not being able to control dust.

Those of us who live on roads that belong to the county wonder why the commissioners cannot come up with a way to control dust coming on to our property from gravel roads.

If they have a solution to this problem, maybe it is time for them to share it with taxpayers who live on the gravel roads in Polk County.

Elsie Renc


Blanchard's know-how

is needed on board

I would like to voice my support for Michael Blanchard for the Dallas School Board.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mike on both the school board and the district's budget committee. He has a sound grasp of the economic issues facing the district.

His experience as a CPA brings a wealth of practical experience to the problems facing the district. His four years of experience on the board is invaluable to the district at a time of severe economic crisis.

Please join me in supporting Mike Blanchard for the Dallas School Board.

Kevin Crawford


Benefits gravy train

hurts school budget

I want to emphasize what we saw in the Itemizer-Observer on April 29. Specifically, the pie chart for the Dallas School District expenditures.

Note that wages and benefits total 81 percent of the budget. More strikingly, it shows that benefits equal 58 percent of wages. For every $100 in wages the district pays $58 in benefits. Wow.

Yet, there is no mention of cutting benefits when there are budget shortfalls. I'm not talking about cutting school days or teachers or even wages -- just benefits.

How about abating the PERS pickup contribution (additional 6 percent of compensation)? Let's see, $12 million in salaries and wages. That amounts to a savings of $720,000. Or say we just overall reduce benefits to 40 percent of wages when times are tough. That would save $2.16 million. Voila! Budget balanced.

Instead, they cut education days. Isn't it their job to educate with whatever resources are available?

This from the same people who proclaim to do it all for the children, the tireless advocates of excellence in our school system. Only when they get enough money I guess.

The community would be better served with a good dose of frugality and common sense.

Charles Krogman


School board needs

Hurt's leadership

Given the poor economic outlook for public education during the next couple of years, it is imperative that we look for Dallas School Board leadership from candidates with experience and a long-standing history of serving our community.

Lynn Hurt meets both of these qualifications.

As an officer in Dallas Rotary, he donated hundreds of hours of community service. He has served on several school district committees, serves on the board of Mid-Valley Rehabilitation Inc., and is on the city of Dallas Budget Committee.

Lynn is willing to devote the time to guide us through this difficult fiscal crises -- and he just plain cares.

David J. Voves


Meyer is 'can-do' for

Dallas School Board

It's vital that Dallas School District patrons keep the active, tireless and experienced voice of Lu Ann Meyer working on their behalf.

Lu Ann approaches every task with the same "can do" attitude.

Most importantly, Lu Ann never forgets for whom she is working: as a CPA taking care of her clients; as president of Rotary taking care of club and community; or as a school board member looking out for schools and students.

When ballots arrive don't hesitate to keep Lu Ann working on the Dallas School Board. We all benefit -- including children and grandchildren.

Dave Weston


Experience qualifies

Hurt for school board

I am a candidate for the Dallas School Board. It would be an honor and privilege to be elected.

I worked for this district for 22 years. I want to give back and serve the schools and community that have meant so much to me and my family.

There are serious challenges now with budget reductions due to lower tax revenue to fund schools statewide. As a former administrator in this district with a background in public education at all levels for 40 years, I believe I have the knowledge and experience to provide leadership and support on the board.

Lynn A. Hurt


Cutting education

is the wrong answer

I've read about the cuts in the Dallas schools. Education is more important to our country than many other programs.

We should be pushing more education, especially math and the sciences.

I know we are suffering from the pillages of the last administration, but education shouldn't be a victim. We waste time and money on whether we can carry guns in schools and other stupid causes. It is time to get serious and find some answers.

We have two empty manufacturing plants in Dallas. We need an ambitious and aggressive action on these matters, not the same excuse, "We are trying."

I hope we can give the cuts serious action to prevent them. Who knows, there may be a great scientist lurking in the background with a cure for cancer.

Morty Feder


Teal has passion,

energy for board job

Sandy Teal will bring new passion and energy to the Dallas School Board, along with critical thinking and business savvy needed in economic times like these.

She's not afraid to ask the difficult questions and pursue the answers necessary to make informed, thoughtful and fair decisions for our school district.

She is aware of the difficult decisions that must be made yet will keep our children's educational needs the top priority.

Please join me in supporting Sandy Teal for the Dallas School Board.

Greg Locke


Meyer, Teal deserve

nod for school board

The coming years will most certainly be an economic challenge to our school district. The Dallas school system needs strong leadership to continue its acknowledged quality.

Both Lu Ann Meyer, incumbent, and Sandy Teal, Position No. 1, will make quality additions to the board. They are passionate about providing the very best education for our kids.

Their qualities include business savvy, clear thinking, finding creative ways to solve maintenance issues, being dedicated to giving back to the community, and working for all of our enrolled kids, emphasizing that every child needs to be academically challenged.

Ken Jacroux


Central board needs

Mary shellenbarger

Mary Shellenbarger sat across the table from me at Independence Elementary School the first year I started reading to children through the SMART program. Her gentle and caring attitude was always present in her dealings with children.

I've found that when a person's work is matched with her talents and abilities, it is an effective combination. This is just one of the many responsibilities Mary has carried out during her years as a classroom instructional assistant and respected school librarian.

I believe she would be a knowledgeable and concerned school board member. I encourage everyone to vote for Mary Shellenbarger for Central School Board.

Nancy Lodge


Community's care

for DHS impressive

On May 1, I had an opportunity to witness the spirit and cohesion of the Dallas community first-hand.

I am a student teacher at Dallas High School. Being that Friday was an in-service day for teachers, they must stay for a full contract day.

I had a choice of doing curriculum development in the office or assisting in the annual "campus beautification day." Considering the weather, I choose the latter.

Arriving at 8 a.m., I was not prepared for what I witnessed -- more than 100 students and 30 parents coming together to improve the appearance of their school.

With a campus population just under 1,000, this spoke volumes on how the school is viewed by the families of this community.

The school's leadership class, led by teacher Rebecca Penna, organized the event. Students, parents, and teachers worked side by side all day pulling weeds, spreading bark, and trimming hedges to make the school look like the monument of the community it is.

I was very impressed.

Dan Bowling


Shellenbarger will

be asset for board

Mary Shellenbarger will be an effective member of the Central School District School Board. I am voting for her, and I encourage you to join me.

Mary will be an asset to Central School District. She will bring strong wisdom. As a retired district employee, Mary is familiar with our schools.

Because of her hands-on experience, she understands the management of public funds and resources.

Mary focuses on what's best for kids. I urge everyone to vote for Mary Shellenbarger, Central School District School Board, Position No. 7.

Marilyn Morton


Firefighters endrose

Morris for board

Polk County Professional Firefighters are endorsing Malik Morris for Polk County Fire District No. 1 Board Position 1.

He started his career as a volunteer firefighter and today is a professional firefighter with Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue.

As a member of apparatus replacement and emergency medical service committees, he has invaluable knowledge of the issues facing our district and has dealt with them before.

As a full-time firefighter, he understands what we need to serve the public to our best ability, while making sure we go home safe at the end of our shift.

Ben Stange


Lu Ann Meyer

is all about kids

Please re-elect Lu Ann Meyer to Dallas School Board Position 3.

Voted recipient of our community's First Citizen Award and architect of the Dallas Education Fund, Lu Ann has shown support of local youths.

Her single agenda is doing the right thing for kids. Re-election to the board would further this cause.

Sometimes it makes sense to stir the pot in an election. This is not one of those times. As a parent and current Board Member, Lu Ann's knowledge of our schools is a resource that should not be overlooked.

Mike Timmerman


Get politics out of

Kids, Inc. operation

It is very clear the current Kids, Inc. nonprofit organization does not offer what is best suited for the Dallas community.

I agree that an initiated due diligence unbiased process should be set up to determine what would be the best solution for Kids, Inc. going forward. The end results will give the Dallas community an opportunity to make positive changes overall.

Changes would make a more attractive sports program for kids and parents, thus re-establishing them as one community of support.

In my opinion, the Kids, Inc. program is designed to showcase select children based on complete conflict of interest. It has created an unhealthy environment of program management for kids, unnecessary childish politics created by the organizers, city officials, select parent groups, and local business owners within the community.

Emphasis is placed on winning. The main focus should be on building skills, mentally and physically, for future playing at the high school level.

My main purpose for responding is to make my voice known for the many parents I know who fear to speak up due to effects it will create for their child.

For example, less playing time and verbal abuse for messing up. This also appears to be carrying forward at the high school level. The same biased issues regarding playing time, parental influence, and local business owner kids receiving priority over playing positions is clearly unacceptable.

I would say the Dallas School Board should also consider reassessing their high school sports program processes. It is time for positive change to unite as a community in support of all of the Dallas kids.

It is the responsibility of the City Council, parents, program volunteers and local business owners to rebuild and demonstrate by example important life skills and the development of good character to the kids of Dallas.

Stephanie Eaton


Blanchard, Meyer

are right for board

Please join me in voting to re-elect Mike Blanchard and Lu Ann Meyer to the Dallas School Board.

They have worked tirelessly and energetically during the past four years. Both have demonstrated a deep commitment to the education of our children.

In this time of economic turmoil, having financial expertise on the board is crucial. They also work well with other board members.

This election brings at least one new member to the board, so retaining experience is critical.

Having young professional people providing many volunteer hours for the children of our community is a great asset.

Ralph Blanchard


Meyer right choice

for our trying times

At times like these, when tough decisions about our schools need to be made, it's great to have a person like Lu Ann Meyer on the Dallas School Board.

Children play an important role in her life. From her own, to the kids in Dallas, to the international students we sponsor through Rotary, Lu Ann is personally involved at many levels.

She and her husband have hosted exchange students. She sits on the school board and organized efforts at Rotary to collect cartridges and calculators for Dallas schools.

For her support of local youth, I ask for your vote for Lu Ann Meyer.

Russ Dimberg


Meyer is excellent

fit for school board

Lu Ann Meyer is an excellent choice for a position on the Dallas School Board. She has served as an officer in Dallas Rotary, donating hundreds of hours of service to our community.

She has served on several school district committees and is currently a school board member.

She serves on the Dallas Community Foundation Board and maintains an unselfish devotion to making our schools and our community a better place to live.

Lu Ann is experienced, and will go that extra mile.

I urge you to give her your vote when voting for the Dallas School District Board of Directors position.

Kathy Voves


Meyer, Hurt good

choices for board

One of the candidates for the Dallas School Board has served on that board and done an outstanding job. Lu Ann Meyer is running for re-election and deserves your vote.

She has proven to have the best interest of the youth of our community in all her actions and, I am sure, will continue be a strong asset to our schools.

Lynn Hurt is also running this year. I have known Lynn for many years and his reputation as a classroom teacher and an administrator is well-known in this community.

I urge you to vote for these two.

Jerry Wennstrom


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