Disc Golf: Want to Play?


Want to Play?

The course is located in the Brandvold section of Dallas City Park and the first tee is near the Levens Street entrance to the park.

Tees are wooden 4-by-4s staked lengthwise into the ground, marked with the hole number and distance. Each hole is a par 3 and every throw is counted as a stroke. A disc is considered out of bounds if it lands on a park playing field or paved parking area or lanes. Players must land the disc in the basket below the chains to finish a hole.

The course is designed for a group of four to finish nine holes in just under an hour.

Serious players carry a bag with discs designed for different distances or types of shots, much like golf clubs, but a Frisbee will do, too.

A map and course and game rules are available on the city's Web site at www.ci.dallas.or.us/discgolf.

For more information: John Swanson, 503-831-3572.


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