4/14 Letters to the Editor

*Jaffer fits the bill for commissioner*Score one for the good guys*Weston listens, puts people first*Bambinos played big helping role*DLC appreciates Ed Fund grant*Robotics Team thanks community

Jaffer fits the bill for commissioner

Polk County needs to continue with county commissioners who have strong leadership abilities in physical and economic management. We need commissioners who know Polk County and its challenges, yet are able to offer a fresh prospective.

The only candidate who meets all these demands is Danny Jaffer. He is the candidate who is best qualified through education, people management, financial management, and the knowledge of the needs of Polk County.

All of his qualifications are coupled with a fresh prospective. We need to support and elect Danny Jaffer, Democrat, Position 2, as our next county commissioner.

Michael C. Henich


Score one for the good guys

On a recent Friday, a group of us went to one of our favorite spots, Main Street Pub and Eatery in Monmouth.

On Saturday, I had no need for my purse. On Sunday, I couldn't find my purse.

Retracing my steps, I could only conclude that I had left my purse at the restaurant. I called them at 7:30 a.m. Sunday. No answer.

Feeling a weight settle in my stomach, I called my credit card companies to put holds on my cards, and checked my accounts online.

At 10:30 a.m., I again called the restaurant. Thankfully, they answered. I explained who I was and why I was calling.

I could hear a smile in the voice at the other end as she asked me to describe my purse. I did, and they had it. "We are not open yet, but I'll let you in," she cheerfully said.

Quickly arriving, I knocked. With a smile, she handed me my purse. I was so thankful. I wanted to give them the cash from my purse, which was all there, as a small token of my gratitude.

She smiled and said "No, we don't need that. I am one of the owners and our employees are honest. There is no need to give us any money." "Are you sure?" "I really do so appreciate it." She just smiled at me.

Weight lifted, I headed home. I am so grateful to the owner of this restaurant, and to the honest and good people she hires to work with her there.

I share my story with the hope that more people will do the right thing when faced with the opportunity to do so.

Finally, "good" got the win. With each battle, we might, just might, win the war against "bad."

Ann Barton-Brown


Weston listens, puts people first

We have known Dave Weston for more than 25 years, both personally and professionally. We have found him to be intelligent, honest and a devoted family man.

If elected, he will listen to the voice of the people, talk to them openly, and take their ideas to heart. He will bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to Polk County government.

He has our vote for Polk County Commissioner, Position No. 2.

Mark and Nancy Bliven


Bambinos played big helping role

With great interest I read the front page article, by Jolene Guzman, on the displaced father and his daughter receiving help with housing, furniture and other needs ("Vet, daughter receive fresh start, April 7 Itemizer-Observer).

It is wonderful that we, as a community, are able and willing to be such a help to someone in obvious need. PJ Johnson of Dallas Community Action does a good job organizing help for these folks.

I was, however, dismayed to find that there was absolutely no mention of the help that Bambinos offered in the way of furniture, kitchen accessories and a new bike for Keiper's daughter, Bailey, on her 10th birthday.

Beth Jones, director of Bambinos, went to great lengths, and with great heart, to find and organize the refurnishing of Keiper's new apartment. The new bike was a special offering, with donations from Bambinos members and Jones' church family.

Since Bambinos is a Dallas ministry of helping, it would have been nice to see this group receive some much deserved recognition.

Dede Perkins


DLC appreciates Ed Fund grant

The students of Dallas High School's Developmental Learning Center Program would like to thank the Dallas Education Fund for the generous grant to purchase our new kitchen stove.

We would also like to thank Master Appliance of Monmouth for all their help.

The stove is an essential tool for the students in learning practical life skills. They really appreciate your contribution to their success.

Shana Lavier

DLC instructor

Dallas High School

Robotics Team thanks community

On behalf of the 2009-10 Dallas High School Robotics Team, I'd like to thank the many members of the Dallas community, our donors and many supporters.

Chelsea Pope, Dallas Radio Shack, Elsie Matthews, Fowler Co., The Car Doctor and Mid-Valley Eye Care were all individuals or businesses instrumental in our ability to gain the funding necessary to form this team. Money is often the biggest obstacle, and without the help we received this club wouldn't have been possible.

For me, personally, and for many others who took part in the team, this experience proves to be one of, if not the best, part of my time at Dallas High School.

For our school, it was the first true club dedicated to advanced technology, and thus proved to be the first club to apply to my future goals.

As I prepare for college, I can't help but be grateful for these sponsors as I now have a basis on which to build the rest of my education.

Tim Disher



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