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*66, 67 will affect prices and jobs*Young 'knight' deserves praise*City pay raises are not justified*Driver's action is heartwarming

66, 67 will affect prices and jobs

As owners of a local business, we ask you to vote "no" on Measures 66 and 67.

Small businesses provide jobs, support the community and pay many taxes. Why is our legislature trying to make running a business so difficult? Why must we pay on our gross income? We'll generate funds to pay these taxes with price increases, less merchandise and fewer employees. Is that what you want?

Proponents of the measures say the increase in revenue will provide needed funds. What will they say when there are fewer businesses left to pay these taxes?

Be informed. Vote "no" on 66 and 67.

Carl and Patty Van Well


Young 'knight' deserves praise

On Dec. 31, I was trying hard to keep a failing engine on my truck running to get me from Monmouth to my home in Falls City.

The road can be a lonesome place as cars whizzed by. No cell phone in my truck. Raining hard. My alternator was giving me fits. I know I was swerving across the line trying to make it up one more hill toward home.

In the past 50 years that I have traveled the road to Monmouth -- to my bank, working there, or going to school -- I had only seen a Polk County Sheriff's car on maybe a handful of occasions on that road.

Glancing in my rearview mirror I saw a "Knight in a Shining White Patrol Car," and he had his overhead lights on. I eased into someone's driveway, where my truck immediately quit. The young Sheriff's patrolman, Officer Dunkin, came to my rescue. He made calls for me. But more importantly, he stayed with me until my granddaughter came to pick me up.

I thanked him, but I feel he should be publicly thanked for his "above and beyond the call of duty" courtesy. So, here it is. Thank you, young man. You are a wonderful example of your profession.

And just so Officer Dunkin knows: I immediately, upon reaching home, enlisted the help of a young friend of my grandchildren's, Chris Sandoval, who graciously took me back out to the truck, swapped batteries with me from his truck and I got my truck home and parked until it can be worked on.

Thanks, again, to our future generations.

Glenda M. Williams

Falls City

City pay raises are not justified

I shook my head in disbelief to read in the Dec. 23 Itemizer-Observer that some Dallas city employees, including the city manager, had been granted a 4 percent salary increase and accepted it.

I find it unconscionable in today's financial climate that it was even proposed by the City Council and that they accepted it.

Weekly, my husband and I become aware of people that are working hard but struggling financially and barely making it. Or, as hard as they are working, cannot make it even with assistance.

Unless government, at every level, understands that the faucet of money cannot, or is not, going to keep flowing freely, there will be no economizing or efficiency ever in government.

Where does the expectation of higher and higher salaries and benefits stop? When does government (aka, the people representing us) start doing better with the resources it already has?

Fellow citizens, the only way it will change is via the ballot or through the recall process. New or additional taxes and fees are not the answer.

Terri Parsons


Driver's action is heartwarming

A random act of kindness helped renew my faith in people this holiday season.

My family lives on the outskirts of Dallas, but my husband and I both work in Salem. Unexpectedly, my son's ride to practice at the high school 3 miles away fell through and it was pouring rain. I scrambled to find a ride for him. After a referral, I called Squirrel Taxi.

One problem: my son only had access to a prepaid debit card. The company does not take cards; you must pay with cash. I asked the driver if he could take him by the bank to see if they would advance cash from the card and then the school, and if they wouldn't I could pay him when I got to town after work.

The driver went a step further. He said he would go ahead and pick my son up, take him directly to the school, and that I could call him when I got back to Dallas to make arrangements to pay him.

I realized this is probably not the normal practice, and is more the exception than the rule, but felt that he went above and beyond and should be recognized for it.

Thank you again, Squirrel Taxi.

Lee Ann Smith



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